Industrial Gaming 03 | High Definition Gaming

By Barry Lewis 15.12.2005

High Definition Gaming: A Revolution or Dictatorship?
Barry Lewis :: 15th December 2005 :: Issue 3

Industrial Gaming is a tough cookie to crack; the main goal of this column is to bring you a balanced look at the integral workings of the computer games industry. I hope to deliver insight and information that many may have missed, with key quotes, graphs and statistics that pertain not just to Nintendo but to the computer games industry as a whole. However, and in recent weeks, I have realised that the industry moves at such a pace that several hot topics may take precedent over features that are in planning. Soon I aim to take a look at all three major console companies with a mini-series, but yet again I feel the need to prioritise a here-and-now issue, time for another rant then!

High Definition (HD) gaming on an HD Television (HDTV) set has become one of the key selling points for Microsoft and soon-to-be Sony. Nintendo, however, are ignoring this higher definition graphical technique, instead opting for a more progressive graphical upgrade with focus on innovation and immersion through control. This is sparking great debate through the gaming community, with the defence citing a lack of market penetration and the offence believing this to be yet another boat the big N are missing

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