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Quick News: Nintendo of Japan has revealed a collection of clips from first and third party games that are due to hit Wii. There are various big names, from Zelda, Mario, Metroid to Sonic, Monkey Ball and several new Wii sports - a must see!

Wii Line-up Movie (Flash Required). The full sized version can be viewed here.

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14.09.2006 08:00



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wowie Smilie im sorry but that just looks so damn cool.. I think nintendo have got something here, the amount of good games there for so many different audiences is incredible. And new zelda footage ^_^ that looked so hot.

( Edited on 14.09.2006 08:12 by Prometheus )

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

Looks awesome! Zelda, from the ickle footage, looks great. Official trailers/high quality versions should hopefully hit the web later!Smilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Damn you school internet! If anyone gets a file that's less than 5 megs up that would be great!-Can't see flash either Smilie

zelda zelda

Simpsons' Comic Store Guy Voice - "Best Showreel EVAR."

There are a wonderful bunch of new never before seen games. I hoped to recognize Dragon Quest and even Biohazard. There was a cooking game, wonderful mouth-watering Zelda-scenes and maybe some Sqenix-styled scenes! Hell! I am hot for Wii!

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Shit, the shite music under Wii footage is becoming a trend. Smilie

Couldn't see too much from Zelda in there, but did I see Link flying on something? The rest looked a bit empty. Cool enemy in there though, some sort of undead knight I think.

Also "The Dog Island", the sequel to Nintendogs?

( Edited on 14.09.2006 09:47 by )

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

Also "The Dog Island", the sequel to Nintendogs?

Yeah, I thought that too - if so, Nintendo: "We're in the money!"

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer
Senior ModeratorStaff Member

It's by Hudson, though, I not quite a nintendogs sequel, more of a 3rd Party cheap cash-in Smilie

All looking good...Brain Training Wii confirmed in there, which is great!

Adam Riley < Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited >
Word of Adam | Voice123 Profile | AdamC3 on Twitter

Very impressive, Pokemon battle revolution looks great so does Fire Embulem, and Zelda WOW and yeah he was flying some sort of dragon and Super Mario still looking great, and I see Red steel has got the health bars in there now.
There seems to be a wide range of games to cater for everyone and with its affordable price I don't see the PS3 making to much of a impact on the Wii.

Games in the video, apparently:

# Wii Sports (Nintendo)
# Forever Blue (Nintendo)
# Mario Strikers Charged (Nintendo)
# ExciteTruck (Nintendo)
# Dragon Quest Swords (Square Enix)
# Samurai Warriors Wave (Koei)
# Red Steel (Ubisoft)
# Fire Emblem (Nintendo)
# Super Swing Golf Pangya (Tecmo)
# Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo)
# Necro-Nesia (Spike)
# Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Atlus)
# Sonic and the Secret Rings (SEGA)
# Wing Island (Hudson)
# Pokemon Battle Revolution (Nintendo)
# Bleach Wii (SEGA)
# One Piece Unlimited Adventure (Bandai Namco)
# Dragon Ball Z Sparking NEO (Bandai Namco)
# SD Gundam Revolution (Bandai Namco)
# Crayon Shin-Chan: Saikyou Kazoku Scavenging Ui (Banpresto)
# Tamagotchi no Pika Pika Daitouryou (Bandai Namco)
# Hajimete no Wii (Nintendo)
# Elebits (Konami)
# Rayman Raving Rabbids (Ubisoft)
# Super Monkey Ball (SEGA)
# Tsuri Master Hudson
# Ennichi no Tatsujin (Bandai Namco)
# Furi Furi (Taito)
# Harvest Moon Wii (Marvelous)
# Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Nintendo)
# Kororinpa (Hudson)
# Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Nintendo)
# Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (Nintendo)
# Battalion Wars II (Nintendo)
# Bomberman Land (Hudson)
# The Dog Island (Yukes)
# Wii Music (Nintendo)
# Wii Big Brain Academy (Nintendo)
# Machi Kuru Domino (Success) Noumiso Konekone Puzzle Takoron (Compile)
# Cooking Mama: Minna to Isshou Oryouri Taikai (Taito)
# Project H.A.M.M.E.R. (Nintendo)
# Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (Capcom)

Cheers M, had a bit of trouble with one or two. Smilie

AWesome stuff, everything I'm interested in is looking mighty fine and the new titles have really got my interest.

Now I'm all hyped up again, and I can't get my hands on the Wii (again Smilie) 'till the end of the year! Smilie

Cubed3 Staff < Retro Editor :: Previews Editor >

Really good stuff there, shaping up nicely. Out of them all I'm anticipating Fire Emblem and Bat. Wars, two very under appreciated games from the 'Cube (imo) and Wii remote play could really make a sequel more than just a great new set of missions Smilie

(again Smilie)

Cunt Smilie

Barry Lewis < nin10do :: General Writer :: Feature Writer :: Fountain of Industry Statistics >
"We're mentalist psychic Scots, which means we can read your mind. If you're lying, your head explodes and we laugh."

I can't wait to play Zelda again. (Yes, again, '10do. Smilie )

can't wait to play Zelda again. (Yes, again, '10do. Smilie)

I'm surrounded by cunts Smilie Smilie

Barry Lewis < nin10do :: General Writer :: Feature Writer :: Fountain of Industry Statistics >
"We're mentalist psychic Scots, which means we can read your mind. If you're lying, your head explodes and we laugh."

New Zelda Trailer (without sound)

I'm surrounded by cunts This is a smilie

C3 brothel!

(Best I could come up with)

New Zelda Trailer (without sound)

Lookin' good as is Pokemon, a bunch of cool videos on there - the Wii browser looks great, very quick and clean and seems to have video playback! Smilie

( Edited on 14.09.2006 12:26 by spydarlee )

Cubed3 Staff < Retro Editor :: Previews Editor >

Ive fainted yet agian. Bloody hell I think Nintendo have proved just how good the Wii is and to all audiences. The new zelda footage was amazing as with Mario Galaxy.

Just saw the Zelda trailer with no sound... its awsome!!! SmilieSmilie

The mastersword looks swish and I love Link's expression, reminds me a lot of WW. The wolf gameplay actually actually looked good, not to mention that new type of vision. And the horse gameplay looks smoother and better than before, I can't wait for this game. Now I am download the proper reel and see the other parts ( I gotta see this flying beast that link is riding).

The Wii Rules!!!Smilie

The quality is so crappy, I can't see a thing. Excite Truck looks mad as well as that Lava level in Super Mario Sunshine. That huge skeleton think, I think it is a dark nut like the ones you have to parry to kill in WW. And that flying beast looks a bit like a hairless griffin, but is seems like it is carrying link rather Link riding it. I think it will be only used in that dungeon though.

i liked how there was a list of all the games at the end, but you couldn't read any of it...

Anyway, most of those are looking pretty awesome... There was one there that looked absolutely shit though... something about fishing I think >.>

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society

Wow this is why i love Nintendo they are flippin Awesome Smilie i cant wait im going to findout if i can put a reserve on it. i want it on launch, i think its time to buy a new TV also

My Ways are far to advanced for you to comprehend!

Wii bowling looks great i heard that Wii sports will include 6 games what are the other two apart from the original 3 and boxing and bowling

Mike Gee of iZINE said, "...The Verve, as he promised, had become the greatest band in the world. Most of the critics agreed with him. Most paid due homage. The Verve were no longer the question mark or the clichť. They were the statement and the definition."

Oh. My. God. Joygasm!

Chance favors the prepared mind.

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