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By Adam Riley 12.10.2006 6

Lexicon Entertainment, the rapidly emerging UK independent publisher, is pleased to announce the signing of Glory Days 2 DS - Brotherhood of Men for Nintendo DS.

Some of the best games have been devised on simple ideas and Glory Days 2 DS - Brotherhood of Men builds on this as two warring factions vie to become the supreme force. Explosive action as you endeavour to destroy the enemy command centre with your tanks, supported by helicopters, V2s, drones, bombers and paratroopers, while using cunning strategic deployment of your ground units through the command interface. The real dilemma is that you are facing an enemy with similar aims, as both sides coexist on the same battlefield in real time.

Fly your own helicopter, plane, v2, or drone and call on special weapons to bombard the enemy, so buying wisely and constructing and placing your ground troops must be well thought out. To capture and preserve your bunker is one important key in the long route to victory - this allows you some resources.

To create a winning force, to have the fire power and hardware to win the day, money will play a pivotal part within the game. Use your heliport to fly civilians or preserve bunkers; all of which gain momentary rewards to buy much needed armourment.

Cutting edge technologies have been incorporated with impressive AI to ensure both human and weapon behavioral implementation to present a sense of awareness and reality. Glory Days 2 DS - Brotherhood of Men also takes full advantage of the Nintendo DS's dual screens, with innovative touch screen direction of the action

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Is this a news item or a press release?


Looking mighty fine though, if I might say so myself. Smilie

Seems pretty sweet! Smilie

You play wearing 3D glasses!!!???


Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

Wifi activated - 2-8 players.

Woah! I'm probably reading this wrong...Maybe they mean LAN wi-fi and not the Wi-fi connection.

It think it means just wireless play, not online.

There are pictures as well, but I won't be able to get them up until later today.

And yes, of course it's the Press Release! Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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wow sounds very impressive, i like the idea of the 3D glasses as well. looks like a really good package and up to 8 player wi-fi that should make for some very interesting multiplayer battles. I was actually wondering when a war game of this sort was going to come to DS and i think this one will be awesome!

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