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By Jorge Ba-oh 16.10.2006 15

The English track listing for the surprise DS hit Elite Beat Agents has surfaced on the Internet with some very diverse genres on the setlist

Box art for Elite Beat Agents








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Weirdest set of songs...ever.

Should be a hit (ba-dum-ch!)Smilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Material Girl - Madonna


Where is the Hilary/Hayley Duff cover version! They could cash in on their new film which Madona has agreed to let them use her song for!


On the other hand.

Walkie Talkie Man - Steriogram


Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun, etc.

La La - Ashlee Simpson

Serweet. Smilie

Cubed3 Staff [ Retro Editor :: Previews Editor ]

jb said:
Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne
Oh god Smilie

Two of those tracks are in Donkey Konga too Smilie

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society

Terrible soundtrack. Survivor along with a few others aren't that bad

Mike Gee of iZINE said, "...The Verve, as he [Richard Ashcroft] promised, had become the greatest band in the world. Most of the critics agreed with him. Most paid due homage. The Verve were no longer the question mark or the clichť. They were the statement and the definition."

Damn, was hoping for at least one 70's funk song
"there are some familiar faces to beat off to."
JB, you da man Smilie

Angus said:
Damn, was hoping for at least one 70s funk songthere are some familiar faces to beat off to.JB, you da man Smilie

Completely unintentional, I assure you SmilieSmilieSmilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Oh wow, REALLY not work safe unless you work in a gay sexshop, then i guess nothing is taboo right?

ABC its easy ans 123.... Smilie this game should be good!!!

I see all these people insulting the Nintendo corporation because of the lack of mature content. Yet there is something about Nintendo (at least their games) that strikes a certain unadulterated feeling of joy!!!  Pokemon Y - 1048-9263-5562

Not one bit of J-Pop. Je suis angry.

I mean, how can anything there compare to the majesty of One Night Carnival in Ouendan?

HazukiSan said:
Not one bit of J-Pop. Je suis angry.I mean, how can anything there compare to the majesty of One Night Carnival in Ouendan?

Aw...I love it when people use French completely unnecessarily...have a star Smilie

Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne
Y.M.C.A. - Village People

Smilie--I can see it now, with Sony being able to use whatever choons it wants to under its label, and PSP fanbo"i"s sayin "haH omGloL! Uze caNN onlie get OLDde songs!11!"


Was looking for some DP, some Human After All. Oh well, how unlikely was it to appear in the game though? Exactly.

Kinda average list there, but it will gain some credibility if they are performed by the actual artists. Are they?

360 Gamertag: shiptoncraig
PSN: shiptoncraig
Steam: Guess what?

I think the reason the Jap game so was so good was because the songs added to the wierd factor which made the game THAT much better.

But in all honesty, tiamat, bar the people that obviously love Japanese culture and find it really quirky, some people could be completely put off by that music, and if larger audiences are to be reached, Ninty needs to be more mainstream.

*wait, did I just say "mainstream" after reading this?*

18. Village People

Nice track line up...with famous names as wellSmilie


*Goes and buys japanese version*

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

Very very pleased to see Canned Heat - Jamiroquai in there. I am a huge Jamiroquai fan. I hope that its the full album version and no radio edit.

September is also in there, thats another great funnky song in there. Also great to see. The rest are all fairly good I guess.

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