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By Jorge Ba-oh 27.10.2006 27

SNK have released some fresh footage from the upcoming Metal Slug collection on the Wii, demonstrating the various different control styles for players to use and the game in action.

The title, for both PSP and Wii, brings together 10 years of Metal Slug history from the original up until this year's version, Metal Slug 6 for arcade and PS2.

Courtesy to Game Videos for the footage. Stick with C3 for future media updates.

Box art for Metal Slug Anthology

SNK Playmore




Run and Gun



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Well Metal Slug 4 on it's own sold on the Xbox for

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society

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nin10do said:Nice, think Ill get Santa to order this one for me Smilie
But, Santa doesnt exist...Smilie
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