News | Weekly Round-Up: 22.10.2006 - 29.10.2006

By Cubed3 Autobot 29.10.2006

Welcome to the weekly C3 round-up (22.10.2006 - 29.10.2006), a collection of news and updates posted this week in world of Nintendo and video games.

General News

Wii Tidbits - Channels, DVD Playback, Basket Value
With the launch of Nintendo's hotly anticipated console so close that one could taste it, various press have been reporting fresh facts and rumours on the machine and its games. Edge joins the trend with some interesting Wii tidbits.

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Virtual Pony Friends for DS Pet Lovers
Ever wanted a pony but simply could afford the price tag and hassle involved with looking after and raising a real-life creature? Eidos have the solution, jumping in on the virtual pet action with Pony Friends for the DS, a virtual simulation for pony lovers.

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Nintendo Dominates Once Again
The latest sales data is now available and with Pok

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