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By Adam Riley 14.11.2006 21

Adam Riley :: 14th November, 2006

There are several high profile homebrew games available on the Nintendo DS, but in order to play them you need various bits and bobs and everything can get rather confusing. Now, though, the perfect solution has arrived. Instead of having to buy numerous devices that slot in the various orifices of the DS, the DS-Xtreme is a one-stop piece of hardware that will likely satisfy any owner.

It arrives in a tiny box complete with no manual just links to websites full of information. The device itself also feels very delicate to the touch. However, despite initial reservations, the DS-Xtreme fits snugly in the top DS slot without any ugly protrusion. It also hooks up to your PC very easily via the included USB cable without the need for actually installing any software on your computer. Straight away it bodes well for the uninitiated, such as myself. But what exactly does it offer?

Well, when loading up the DS-Xtreme on your DS, you will be faced with four menus, one it the applications side, another is the music player and the final two are for customising the device itself and looking at the 'About' section. Clearly it is the first two options that will be taking up the majority of your time. Whilst it may be a little disappointing that there is no dedicated video playback, the fact that you can turn your DS into an MP3 Player, simply by dragging and dropping your music files from your PC into the appropriate folder, is quite a neat little feature. In fact, it is even more impressive as it can read the tags associated with MP3s, so all the details (such as artist, title, album and so on) included in the file can be shown. You can also re-sort the play-list as you please, plus there is additional support for OGG files. The only drawback is that working your way through the navigation process is awkward at times due to severe lag, which sometimes leaves you wondering if you pressed the right option properly.

This is supposedly linked with another little cool, if somewhat unnecessary, feature

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Holy crap! That is HELLA' tight, too bad it doesn't have video playback or more memory. I would get it , but it probablly costs too much, I already have a 512 MB mp3 player, and again no video... other wise an awesome sounding device.

Proud United State-ian

He's not dead, he's electroencephalographically challenged.

Aww, you didn't pick up an M3 like I said... =/

Nice review. Avoids the obvious. *cough*

Sounds pretty good.

But compact flash or SD cards based devices obviously have a size advantage. (CF cards are very cheap these days too)

"Holy crap! That is HELLA' tight, too bad it doesn't have video playback or more memory. I would get it"

If it can play *.nds files, maybe thats possible.

Moonshell, which is the DS booter I use comes on nds and runs movie files.
However, thats designed for FAT based media, not sure if it would work on this.
The big advantage of this device seems to be you dont have to flash your firmware. (a process that involves removing the battary of your ds, and sticking a screwdriver in a hole, as well as getting hold of a PASSME of somesort) <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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Actually... not to confuse people here. Dont confuse Old Solt 2 devices with the the gen Slot 1 like the DS-Xtreme

This is what I got when I emailed them for more info about this new device.

DS-Xtreme brings the unified solution to the DS by making it easy to use, and hassle free.
You do not need 3 devices to get yourself going.. (g6 and m3 require GBA cart (slot2) + a passme (slot1) and another device to program it)
Not to mention software, you do not need any burning software, patchers, linker apps etc

DS-Xtreme is drag and drop, supports any operating system that has USB and does not require any prior experience.
No need to look for homebrew that works for your device (unlike other devices that require specific binaries and FAT libs to be downloaded for each version) so this saves you time... it just works...

We are a dedicated team and provide face to face support to all customers. We currently have 3 methods of support:

1) IRC (efnet, #DS-X)
2) Support ticketing system
3) forums and community. ( )

DS-Xtreme will give you more battery life as its only 1 device. The support and on going development only ads value to your product purchase.
This means you will be presented with frequent firmware update to add more features to your device (of course we are open to suggestions for features by the public).

We are an English speaking team, although our support is multilingual and we have people translating to every major language for every customer to be satisfied. Our DS-Xtreme OS has no match and is in its own league when compared to similar products. Our feature list is growing rapidly and we always have something which others are waiting to imitate.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many things that make DS-Xtreme a superior product. I suggest you come on IRC on efnet #DS-X and have a chat with people who own one, people who do not and people who have other carts too.


I asked them whats so special about this new Slot 1 generation? A very detailed answer I must say Smilie I ordered one today.

Also I read on other sites that the compatibility of "apps" is 99% where the 1% gets fixed in the firmware updating procedure (again very simple to do)

P.S Video does work... use moonshell (and yes it works for DS-Xtreme without a special FAT version. they can run any homebrew that uses 3rd party libfat with their Cart)

( Edited on 14.11.2006 17:49 by jesusraz )

the DS-Xtreme is a one-stop piece of hardware that will likely satisfy any owner.
... We'll see about that ;3

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society

I saw this a few weeks ago--definitely very cool looking, and I am very interested, though the $130 price tag and the small amount of space along with a lack of video is somewhat disappointing.

i saw this..its quite cheap FOR EMULATING GAMES ON....but no one would do anything illegal like that....

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

I've been informed that there is a homebrew programme somewhere out on the 'Net that lets you play *.gba files on the DS-Xtreme (or converts them to *.nds?).

If anyone can help, it'd be much appreciated!

Adam Riley [ Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited ]
Word of Adam | Voice123 Profile | AdamC3 on Twitter

99% compatible seems unlikely.

Given the fact theres a split in the homebrew community between *.nds, *.ds.gbs and various FAT/Flash options.
Its the homebrewers that normaly have to tweak things to work on as many devices as possible.

Especialy with software that reads a file system.

That "99%" figure is hyperbole, for the moment. But if DS-Xs team supports homebrews..with drivers where nesscery...then it could well become true.

Certain flash makers in the past have screwed some homebrewers over. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
Last update; Mice,Plumbers,Animatronics and Airbenders. We also have the socials; Facebook & G+

I'm quite interested in this, purely for the homebrew side of it.

"If anyone can help, it'd be much appreciated!"

You want help to do illegal stuff?Smilie

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

Does it let you play downloaded ROMs?

ZeroSimon, purely for the sake of testing the system, of course Smilie Anyway, there are homebrew GBA games as well, remember!

Oni, yes Smilie

Adam Riley [ Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited ]
Word of Adam | Voice123 Profile | AdamC3 on Twitter

VelocityStrike said:

There are lots of reasons to want to play homebrew GBA games on these things. Two that I can think off immediately are the clones of Lumines and Every Extend.

I've heard lots of claims from the manufacturers of this thing about compatibility, but until I see a chart comparing its compatibility on a wide range of homebrew apps/games to the big 3 (M3, Supercard, G6) I'm not interested. Even then, it's lacking some things the other guys can do:

(1) it'd have to support GBA software,
(2) it'd have to have at least 2GB (not Gb) of flash for the same price,
(3) it'd have to provide RAM that you can use with DSLinux and other homebrew apps that are learning how to take advantage of that RAM.

Till then, I think an M3 Lite/Passcard3 or Supercard Lite/Superkey is the way to go. Sure, it's two devices, but it's cheaper (either of those options with 2GB is less than the Xtreme) and does way more.

Nonetheless, I'm glad it exists, because it's another avenue for homebrew developers to gain audience.

Oni, I can barely afford Wii and a game come the beginning of December, never mind


just to advise everyone not to buy this card or you ll get :

the most expensive product on the market

the less supported & updated product

the most censored forum on the web ( once you complain about the non reactivity of the team you are auto banned )

the most unstable product you can dream of ( corrupted sav, dying cards etc...)

if you still decide to buy one of those prepare to be unsatisfied

Lolz, this is pretty good, I will have to consider it for sure. I dont have any such device for my DS so far.

Tomazzi, Smilie

( Edited on 16.10.2007 17:48 by Linkyshinks [LS] )

There's a 16Gbit version, which is about 2GBytes for [b]


Didn't anyone realise this came out of almost nowhere?


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