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Below we now have the full Top 30 chart from Japan, courtesy of Media Create and EG. It shows that, as predicted, only two PS3 games were able to creep into a DS-dominated Top 10, and both of those were No.9 and No.10! Stick around to see how much the DS Lite beat the PlayStation 3 by in hardware terms...

Software Sales - This Week | Total Sales

1.) Common Knowledge Training (NDS, Nintendo) - 102,240 | 451,106
2.) Pok

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16.11.2006 20:40



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I'm just counting down to the first unit to get damaged.

Silence is the loudest noise we could possibly hear.

So a bunch of people bought systems and no games?

... Smilie

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society


!88,400 sold" ACTUALLY means 100,000 sold, but 11,600 already returned :wink:

"So a bunch of people bought systems and no games?"

For the 360 the number was even 0.8 for ages (in japan)

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

I thought they cut it 20% to 80,000?

Gods in His Heaven. Alls right in the World.

Megadanxzero said:
So a bunch of people bought systems and no games?... Smilie

I've seen images of somebody who got their hands on dozens of PS3s purely to sell on...

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

That was rumoured in a Japanese newspaper - but Sony kept it at around 100,000.

Xeke, I know what you mean about the 360, but we're talking about the PlayStation here, not a successor to a system that flopped in that territory!

There's talk of rich Japanese businessmen hiring poor Chinese folk to queue up, get a PS3 and then let the businessmen re-sell them for extortionate prices 'second-hand'...!

Adam Riley < Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited >
Word of Adam | Voice123 Profile | AdamC3 on Twitter

Sony will only "decide" how many they actualy shipped, after sales numbers are confirmed Smilie

As for the games, not supprising, many were bought without a game :p

Please give our little random review show a try;
We have special effects and umm...stuff...

Nah Sony will just claim that they aren't in competition with the 360 and thus own 100% of the market share!



Many people bought them simply as large, expensive paper weights...I mean...what else would you do with a PS3? =P
Heh, yeah, I can see them being sold on for a lot more money, though it's surprising those selling them on didn't pick up some games to sell with them. Hmm...*shrugs*...

jesusraz said:
Theres talk of rich Japanese businessmen hiring poor Chinese folk to queue up, get a PS3 and then let the businessmen re-sell them for extortionate prices second-hand...!

Ye i heard that too..also i looked on eBay (.com) yesterday n saw a ps3 someone had preordered go for $2225 and a wii for around $710 although that was still 2 hrs from the end.....i

Maybe some people just liked that sleek black panini maker.

The limited stock of PS3's is going cause a lot of developers to loose a lot of money on their launch titles.

The thing is, people selling them on shouldn't have this effect- even if they sell them on, the person who gets it will then go and buy games, surely? There might be a bit of a delay, but if the games sales havent picked up by the end of the week, this is a pretty poor show. How the hell did it not sell out anyway?

The PS3 is out? That snuck out rather quietly :-/

I think this shows quite clearly that Sony is a hardware maker (and a pretty good one at that, with Bravia and Ericsson and whatnot) and although it has had TERRIFIC success in the videogame sector, its strengths lie elsewhere. Also, kudos to them for selling any, and we must remember that, in fact, the PS3 is kinda neat-o. Its only the price that is (main) the stumbling point in my eyes.^^;

twitter: @bensoutham

lol what games they no most have on it at all i see like 3 games ill want and non are out this year lol

I'm with ghoast in the snow and oni-ninja on this. It's out? Although I must say the 360 is by far better than PS3. And ofc Wii tops all.

Enoch Powell was right, and you know it.

Maybe most people brought the PS3 for the bluray player, because it is cheaper then going out and buying a proper one.

Its called ebay buyers.

See no Wiivil
Hear no Wiivil
Speak no Wiivil

When is the PS3 being released in America?

On November 17 the PS3 is released in America.

I can't wait for the 19th...Wii is released! I'm going to time square on the 18th for the countdown party in nyc.

( Edited on 14.11.2006 23:23 by jonacell )

Sony was so worried about releasing the PS3 that they forgot to make games for it, unless you consider the crap that is out good... that is yet another reason wii will be more fun.

My Ways are far to advanced for you to comprehend!

You know Oni-ninja was right about people that go out there and buy consoles when they first launch. They're just suckers......that's if of course you're going out there to queue up for a Sony or Microsoft manufactured console. At least with Nintendo when they say the words "cheap and affordable" and "worldwide launch" you're virtually guaranteed that.

teh_gam3r said:
Maybe most people brought the PS3 for the bluray player, because it is cheaper then going out and buying a proper one.

'tis a good point. It is a cheap way to get a blu-ray DVD player.
Discounting the fact that I already have a PC and a DVD player to play my DVDs...also discounting the fact that none of my existing DVDs will run on this 'cutting edge' blu-ray technology...othat than that though it sounds great...oh...and the fact that I don't have a high def. TV...but that's just me...

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