C3 Video Special | Nintendo Wii Opera Web Browser Report

By James Temperton 22.12.2006 29

The time right now is gone 2am, we've not had very much sleep in a while and a couple of hours ago we were tipped off that the Opera Wii Browser was available to download. Instantly we raced downstairs, waited about five minutes for the ruddy thing to download and we've spent the last two hours playing about with it like over-excited kids at Christmas. Yup, Santa came early for the Wii world as Nintendo delivered a full working BETA version of the Opera Wii Browser for free. We plonked our camera down in front of it and now we can bring you an extensive video report on all it has to offer.

You can check it out on the YouTube stream, or if you're a registered C3 user (signing up is free, easy and has loads of benefits, so why not get yourself an account if you don't have one already?) you can view it in higher quality download form straight from our lovely servers. Let us know what you think by posting in the comments below, perhaps even use your Wii to do so! Exciting stuff, more soon no doubt...

C3 Video Report | Nintendo Wii Opera Browser

Format: .mov | Size: 13.9MB | Length: 8.59mins

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isn't the Wii supposed to glow blue when there is anupdate of some kind? oh well icheck it out now..........

wow, thought this would be another slow cock-up like the DS browser, but I am suitably impressed. Full Screen YouTubing will be like the world best tv service!

Cannot wait to download this once I have a wii (that'll be January then...)

also, fantastic report, love JTs vioceovers/commentary!

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Video content works really well, and flash based games on sites like WiiCade are pretty damn cool too. Gives the Wii a whole new very functional, fun and useful dimension. Good stuff and hopefully it'll be even more feature packed when it gets released in full next year.

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Swish video James, if my family would let me put the Wii back in my room this would be great for me bedroom, for now, just plain cool. Smilie

My connection is faster that yours na-na-na-na-na-na.

/Five Year Old.

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Yes, Mr.T, i hope that they can sort something out for streaming media players, such as windows media and quicktime, would be nice to watch the streaming audio and video on the BBC website for instance.

I think that would be a nice feature, and can't be too hard to add on.

This also leads to wiicade, hopefully this will lead to many new games on the internet, especially built in flash for the wiimote, looking forward to it!

Does this mean we can use Instant Messengers now?

I'm typing typing this from Wii. Been frustrating somewhat but works. the most anoying part is aiming at correct letters. i'd b annoyed if this post fails

it is very fast the connection. So fast that youtube videos come out twice as fast haha

The only annoying thing I find is having to go to the home menu to type in an address.

I hope the final release has some hide away address bar at the top where you can enter in address.

Also having multiple windows/tabbed browsing would be much much better. Even if it was limited to 3/4/5 differens windows/tabs.

But for a trial version its looking good.

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My browser has stopped working! Downloaded it about 1/2 hour ago, worked brilliant for 10 mins and now wont go to any website anymore!
Is this a problem with my console or are others having similar difficulties?

Anyone else have a black border to the top and right of the browser window? Doesn't show on the button bar at the bottom, just the browser itself. This is through an official RGB Scart on 28" widescreen....bit wierd but otherwise quite a nice setup. Need to see how configurable it is to see if it can run through proxies etc...

ch im having the same problem. my wiiconnect 24 and my browser does not work

the browsers works really
they better put video and audio streaming in the final version

olu1701- mines working again now!
I restarted my PC a few times and now access is working again. Im posting from it now!

hope urs sorts soon

The one question I have is...since this is a beta version, (meaning work in progress) is there a feedback forum or email address setup by Nintendo or Opera for us to send in or views and problems so they can improve on it before it official release???

Hello Jadnice,

There is a forum to give feedback. It can be found here

Of course this can only be viewed on a Wii.

Make sure you bookmark it.

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Thanks Mr T for the demo. l was trying to figure out how to zoom in and out using the wiimote and can do thanks to your tip. This message was typed using opera's Wii browser

ch and OLU1701 I have the same problem. I can connect to the internet and it works fine for a while and then it locks up after about 5 minutes or so. I have to pull the plug on the Wii in order to get it working again.

I have the black border at the top also btw.

( Edited on 22.12.2006 22:23 by Rlogan29 )

Nice video, tempo. I can't to eventually get hold of a Wii. I've always wanted to have the internet pop up on my tv Smilie

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Well worth letting Opera know about these problems, especially seeing as it's the BETA version, they should be able to fix it for the final release.

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ch- Yup I did near enough the saome thing and now it works just fine too. For a sec I was worried.

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( Edited on 23.12.2006 14:38 by Mr. T )

great video! thats superb.. I really have to connect my Wii to the internet as soon as possible to download the free browser!

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I would like some options to customize it. Autohiding the toolbar for instance, folder options to arrange my bookmarks etc., skins would also be cool.
But I

Great work James! Really is quite easy to type with thanks to the predictive text system Smilie Using it for this post actually!

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What'd he type?

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