News | Weekly Round-Up: 17.12.2006 - 24.12.2006

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Welcome to the weekly C3 round-up (17.12.2006 - 24.12.2006), a collection of news and updates posted this week in world of Nintendo and video games.

General News

Etrian Odyssey Website Update
Quick News: Atlus have updated the official website for their upcoming 3D DS RPG project Etrian Odyssey. Previously known as Yggdrasil Labyrinth, the game comes from Kazuya Niino of Trauma Center fame. The website contains a fresh video to check out, illustrating some interesting mechanics of this mysterious title.

Etrian Odyssey Website

Official Dragon Quest Swords Site Unveiled
Quick News: Following our previous reports about the latest Dragon Quest project for Wii from Square Enix (found here and here, respectively) we can now reveal the address for the games official website, featuring a plethora of information about the title (albeit in Japanese).

  • Official Site Link
  • Wii Sports 2 in Development? (Update)
    Update: Nintendo comments on the recent rumour.

    With the incredible success of the innovative Wii exclusive software Wii sports, rumours have begun to surface of a possible sequel in development, cram packed full of new and revised features.

    Read on for more...

    Opera Wii Feedback
    Quick News: Opera have launched the first Wii-only website for those who have tried and tested the company's Wii Beta browser. To leave feedback, hit the following address into the Internet Channel on your Wii - Opera Feedback.

    Thanks to C3 reader Rob for the tip.

    Nintendo DS Back at Full Strength
    Update - Hardware now included.

    Following the launch of both the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's own Wii, plus a boost for Microsoft last week, it seems the DS software has pushed its way back up again to dominate the charts!

    Head inside for the full run-down...

    Wii Love Opera
    Quick News: In our night-lurker state, we've just discovered that the Opera browser has been put up for free download, bringing Internet surfing to your Wii. It's located under 'Wii Software' on the Shop Channel and is the trial version, with the final one is due to be online sometime in March next year. Tell us what you think of it!

    Stick with C3 for more Wii Channel news!

    Brothers in Arms Coming to DS
    Quick News - It is being reported on German site GameFront that Ubisoft has revealed it is working on a Nintendo DS version of the popular Brother in Arms war series.

    Stick around for more details...

    Zelda Wii Takes France by Storm
    The weekly sales that feature the Wii in France have now been revealed and it is definitely great news on the Zelda front!

    Head inside for more details...

    Wii and DS Get Flashed
    inXile has announced that it will be bringing the Flash-based game 'Line Rider' to both the Nintendo DS and Wii systems.

    Head inside for more details...

    Pirates of the Ca-Wii-bbean and More
    Quick News - Disney's newly formed Fall Line Studio has confirmed two new Wii titles, following Chicken Little: Ace in Action. They are Disney's Meet the Robinsons and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, both based on upcoming movies of the same name.

    Stick with Cubed3 for more details...

    Wii Gets Medal of Honour
    Electronic Arts' immensely popular Medal of Honour FPS series of games graced the GameCube several times and is now set to d

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