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Nintendo News | A Draglade Punch-up on DS

Fans of 2D fighters have eagarly awaited for another chance to punch, kick and throw with their machines and Dimps has set out to meet the need in a fresh
Wi-Fi enabled game for DS, Custom Beat Battle: Draglade.

The game, in development by Dimps (Sonic Rush, Tales of the Tempest), takes a bunch of fresh characters and pits them one on one in a series of high powered, action battles.

The first set of screens can be seen below (click to enlarge):

Thanks to TreeIII from NeoGAF for the tip.

Official Draglade website.

Stay tuned for future updates..

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27.12.2006 14:00



Box art for Draglade




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okay, but where is my Soul Calibur DS?Smilie

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

kokariko said:
okay, but where is my Soul Calibur DS?Smilie

Ya, I really wish we someday do get a portal SC, that would be scwheet. Tekken GBA wasn't *that* bad for its day, so here's hoping!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Dimps is a pretty decent DS developer, they seem to know the hardware pretty well, so it sound promising.

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

jb said:
kokariko said:okay, but where is my Soul Calibur DS?Smilie
Ya, I really wish we someday do get a portal SC, that would be scwheet. Tekken GBA wasnt *that* bad for its day, so heres hoping!

I loved Tekken advance!Smilie The animation was a bit choppy, but it really had the Tekken feel to it.

This game looks interesting... Viewed the images a few hours back, and I thought I saw an equalizer or something in one of the shots, on the touch screen... Should be funSmilie

Never mind about the equalizer bit, seemed to be some sort of map... Interesting

( Edited on 27.12.2006 22:07 by Faust )

~Getting on C3's massive tits since 2K5.~

The url is messed up jb Smilie

This game should be fun! Sonic Rush was a blast and I've heard nothing bad of Dimps yet Smilie

twitter: @bensoutham

Guy in the first and third pictures looks like Roy from SSBM/ Fire Emblem

( Edited on 28.12.2006 01:22 by Ole )

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