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By Adam Riley 28.12.2006 3

UK Chart Highlights LXXXXVII
...Nintendo Wii's Festive Boost

Your weekly UK Chart Round-Up brought to you by stat-man jesusraz. Remember, the images here do not reflect actual sales!

Spending your Christmas money like crazy...

Nintendo's Wii is now into its third week in the turbulent UK market and hardware stock is slowly filtering back into stores to supply the demand as the system is proving to be one of the hottest items this Christmas, along with the DS Lite. Naturally, game sales are also on the rise, but which will receive the biggest boost...?

EA Caught No.1!

Whilst FIFA may have taken the Christmas No.1 last week, EA has knocked itself off the top again with Need for Speed: Carbon. This year sees EA having its strongest so far on the UK scene, with a record 26 weeks at No.1 overall throughout this year! Quite a impressive, if somewhat scary, feat. The All Prices Top 40 sees Brain Training break a new record as well, having the highest ever sales week of any DS game, beating out the previous holder, Super Mario 64 DS, and moves up from No.11 to No.8. Since launching back in June, 29 weeks ago, it has not once dropped out of the Top 20! Sonic Rush manages to zoom up this chart this week thanks to its continual budget status. Sega's DS Sonic outing doubles its sales from the week before, shooting up from No.39 to No.26, Wii Play is down six to no.36 and Big Brain Academy is back in at No.37 thanks to being promoted alongside Brain Training.

In fact, on the Full Price Top 40 Nintendo is having a bumper week as well. Quickly skimming over the Top 10 in general, Call of Duty is up one to No.4, Happy Feet also climbs a place to No.7, Lego Star Wars II holds at No.9, as does Nintendo's Legend of Zelda at No.10. New Super Mario Bros. is up one to No.12, Flushed Away scoots up four to No.17, Eragon climbs eight to No.20, whilst Rayman Raving Rabbids is back up ten to No.24 (on PS2, PC and GBA as well as Wii, hence it is just ahead of Red Steel) and Red Steel on Wii moves up eleven to No.26. Sonic Rivals on the PSP is up two to No.27, Animal Crossing falls seven to No.31, Sonic on XBOX 360 is back in at No.33, Pok

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Sonic rush really has a great year, my nephew just got this Christmas.

I heard that it has sold over 1m units worldwide pretty impressive for a Sonic title.

Yoshi's Island was nowhere to be found where i live this Christmas, dman it i really wanted it

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I'm really pleased that Zelda has held on, as I was afraid the shortages and poor state of the GameCube would mean it'd unfairly drop quickly...and go Wii Play! It's sold out all over the place and selling for like

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Great to hear about Zelda, I assume that both GC & Wii versions are supporting each other at the #10 spot, which is great, the GC had one last breath of life... *cries*[/Wii]

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