C3 Special | 2006 Nintendo in Review (Wii/DS)

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.12.2006 8

2006 in Review
C3 Staff :: 31st December 2006

2006 has been a good ol' year for gaming, the highs and lows for all three competitors in the next generation race, the evolution of the way we play games in Nintendo's revolution, competitive online gaming with Microsoft's 360 and a rise in the seafood market with a new breed of giant enemy crabs. As we approach the final hours of a fab year of new hardware and games the C3 crew take a look back at key moments of 2006.

A Happy New Year to all!
Cubed3 Team

Jorge Ba-oh

2006 has been a good year for gaming, and a better one overall for Nintendo. The company has had some disappointing moments in the last three of four years, with a period of uncertainty to a public hungry for more Mario and Zelda. The year started on a high note for portables, with the DS having a strong range of must have titles and the "Revolution" had started to emerge, growing in hype but still shrouded in mystery.

2006 is the start of a new generation, the next generation of gaming and things couldn't look better for the world's biggest games company. Two brand spankin' new machines launched this year (with the exception of one with a slight delay) and Microsoft continuing their head start for the 360. All three companies have had their ups and downs this year, but one leaving an amusing mark on the industry, in crabular form.

For me this year has been an interesting one; we've looked back and celebrated over twenty years of pure Nintendo gaming: from the first appearance of our favourite Italian stallion in 2D form up until Hyrule's finest giving Ganon his final blow... The Wii encompasses Nintendo's life into one sleek, compact unit, primed and ready for action. For me it seems a symbol of Nintendo's impact into gaming, and after two decades is ready to enter a new generation, but retaining the core concepts that it created to lead gaming into where it is today. The Wii has been a hit among friends and family, it's left people in awe, wanting to give it a go

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Great write-up guys. 2006 was a very interesting year for the industry as a whole, especially with Nintendo seeming to turn things up-side down.

My biggest surprise this year was the DS lite, I really didn't think Nintendo would release one with the original still selling brilliantly, and of course the official name for the Revolution, I still cringe to say it. Never-the-less, if Nintendo have proved anything this year, it is that they have just as good a shot as anyone to claim the industry lead.

( Edited on 01.01.2007 03:27 by Jacob4000 )

super duper write up guys!

My Life & blog: Random Thoughts, Photos, stuff, videos and links

until Hyrule's finest giving Ganon his final blow

I think your section needs a bit of proof reading Matt Smilie

IANC said:
Dude yuor totally awesome. And i won't be killing you anytime soon.

A pity nothing special happened for the Cube, innit. Smilie

Well, the Cube's pretty much dead... the only reason people still liked it this year at all is because they were waiting for Zelda.

Must'nt forget Chibi too...Smilie

EDIT: Somebody can't spell their contracted verbs...

( Edited on 01.01.2007 21:32 by dojo99 )

Nothing happened on the GameCube, you clearly haven't played Chibi Robo!

Slap yourself very hard

Edit;Yeah your lucky you mentioned itSmilie

( Edited on 01.01.2007 21:50 by Hulkamania )

Mike Gee of iZINE said, "...The Verve, as he [Richard Ashcroft] promised, had become the greatest band in the world. Most of the critics agreed with him. Most paid due homage. The Verve were no longer the question mark or the clichť. They were the statement and the definition."

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