Nintendo News | Wireless Nunchuck in Development?

By Jorge Ba-oh 07.01.2007 18

Quick News: An interesting rumour has begun to hit the interweb suggesting a wireless nunchuck accessory is in development for the Wii from an "unconfirmed" source from Nintendo stemming from several complaints of the current wired setup.

Stay tuned for updates on this issue..

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Yay! More stuff to charge!

Will there be an official generator to go with it do you think?

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

EDIT: Forgot about having to charge it. I'll stick with the wires.

( Edited on 07.01.2007 14:46 by IfritXVII )

Would be nice, as I have caught the wire many times in Wii Sports: Boxing. I can't say i've had any other problems with it though. Also I would of thought a wirless Nunchuck would run the batteries down quite a bit more than the usual wired version. Still like I said would be nice as an extra option, but I certainly would not buy it, simply because I feel it's not essential.

No need for it at all, already enough hassle with batteries as it is.
Whats wrong with the bit of wire anyway? It's not like it gets in the way..

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While I don't have a Wii to base my opinion off, I can't help but feel this isn't necessary. Does the wire get in the way?

No, not at all. I'd say the only time it gets in the way is when you are doing some of the more aggressive games in Rayman, and even then, the wire'd on be in the way if someone was using the controllers really "retardedly"

Pointless. The wire never gets in the way, you just forget about it, I'd never buy one. I suspect though that its nothing more than a rumour.

( Edited on 07.01.2007 16:42 by beamrider2600 )

I really dont see any problem with the current setup, the wire keeps it small light and simple...

A wireless Virtual Console Controller however...

( Edited on 07.01.2007 16:52 by RobTheBuilder )

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the wire is a bit too short imo... sometimes when I wanna do a hack n slash in zelda the cable gets too short. but then again sometimes I play zelda really lame and barely move my arms at all Smilie

I don't really want one but i think it'll be pretty nice for people to have the option to go for one

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Sometimes when I pull of sword combos on Red steel the wire seems to short as it gets stretched quite a bit.

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I think the wireless nunchuck would be a great idea.

Especially on Zelda when you use the shield attack and the wire has no slack.

( Edited on 07.01.2007 19:38 by Anton )

I think the idea is boring. I have no problem with the wire. Would mean less people could go on multiplaer if each player had to hold 2 wireless devices. More batteries too. A waste of time.


It'd be ass. Imagine buying Wario Ware, having 15 mates round, and having to sync 30 different devices. (Yeah, I know that isn't the way it works. Its an anecdote, people :readSmilie

Ahhh.... Another strap to strap on and and another strap to get sued over.

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Elrinth said:
the wire is a bit too short imo... sometimes when I wanna do a hack n slash in zelda the cable gets too short.

You've got an impressive arm span.

The only slight niggle I have with the current set up is, due to the protruding B-button, I quite often cancel the pause screen when I put the controller down for a pee-stop.

Other than that, it's watertight. And a wireless nunchuck is oxymoronic, surely? It'd be an analogue... blob.

Less posty, more gamey.

Another is Californian company demand to Nintendo by all means plagiarism of the WiiMote.
The company Interlink Electronics with seat in California, The United States, it has demanded to Nintendo reason why it seems to be a violation to the industrial property of the functionality of the WiiMote.

In agreement with the demand, Nintendo ignored the patent (that Interlink had registered in February of the 2005) of which they called

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