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Quick News - Square Enix has revealed a special edition Nintendo DS Lite to coincide with the release of its new RPG Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings on 26th April, 2007 in Japan. Check it out below:

  • Final Fantasy XII DS Lite
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    09.02.2007 10:54



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    I'll be honest; it doesn't really look that special and the logo is too plain, compared to the boxart anyway.

    twitter: @bensoutham

    I really like it! It's a really simple effective design and it compliments the colour of the DS Lite well (I suppose that would be a given but anyway)

    Tman!! said:
    I really like it! Its a really simple effective design and it compliments the colour of the DS Lite well (I suppose that would be a given but anyway)

    Simple and effective, thats what I like about it too. Flashy colors and too much art can simply make it look cheesy

    Xbox Live Gamertag: Steve Vice
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    Would have been nice to have a diffrent colour from the FF3 one but it looks alright.

    XBL Gamertag: James2t3

    Why do the Japanese only get this wonderous stuff? We never get the fancy crap. Smilie


    Another way for Nintendo and Square to print even more money.

    I am sure the new DQ will get a limited edition version as well.

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    How many people do you think who have the FF3 DSL will buy this as well?

    Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

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