Nintendo Media | Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Scans and Trailer

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.02.2007 7

Square-Enix has gone into media overload with the upcoming Final Fantasy XII spin-off, Revenant Wings. The gae, in development for DS, features various FF XII characters and in particular Vann, an 18 year old sky purate, and Penelo, his younger navigator.

The game is designed for DS owners who don't have much experience in battles, with a simplified system and some stripped down controls. Visually, Revenant Wings uses a sprite-based graphics engine with prerendered backgrounds and character designs by Ryuma Itou (of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance fame).

Some recent scans from Famitsu, courtesy to Jeux-France:

Be sure to stick with C3 for future media updates..

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I can't wait to get my hands on this game, and I hope some of this Square Enix support on the DS will rub off on the Wii.

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Steve Vice said:
I cant wait to get my hands on this game, and I hope some of this Square Enix support on the DS will rub off on the Wii.

I do too, they really seem to love the DS at the moment, and are producing some quality looking titles. S-E are someone that devs for Nintendo should look up to - producing both quality and quantity.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I'm not a big fan of Final Fantasy, but I must say I still love the way this looks, with it's sprites with a 3D backround. Just reminds me of Paper Mario, only less... paper... Anyways, it looks worth while to get, I'll just have to pay attention for more news on it.

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He's not dead, he's electroencephalographically challenged.

I also love the way it looks, FFTA style. The gameplay sure looks fun and the story I hope shall be engaging. Too bad I have yet to play FFXII on PS2, I should try to before I get this.

Wow, it looks far better than I ever thought it would. Part of me wanted to think this would be another one of those cheap spin offs just to get sales, but from the looks of that trailer, it'll be a fully fledged Final Fantasy adventure. The overworld seems to be in full 3D, & the main game graphics look like Golden Sun, which can never be a bad thing.

What's better is that it'll look far better on your DS than it did there, which is a hell of a lot better.

That automatically makes this game teh rox.

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This gets a massive from me. It certainly looks mighty fine, and I can imagine that the DS Lite makes it look a helluva a lot nicer than these meagre scans too. Smilie

This is going to be the DS' best moment since MKDS. I strongly believe that it will be a brilliant game. No reserved judgement here.

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