Nintendo Media | Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Trailer

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.02.2007 6

7 Studios have release a teaser trailer for the upcoming Fantastic 4 game based on the sequel to the 2005 film of the same name, Rise of the Silver Surfer.

The game follows the upcoming Fantastic 4 film, giving players the opportunity to play as one of the most love superhero groups as they battle Galactus's slave, the Sliver Surfer along with the diabolically evil Dr. Doom.

The game will be avaliable cross platform on Wii, GameCube and DS.

Thanks to C3 reader Good Boy for the tip.

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I'm glad studios aren't forgetting about the GameCube yet (if they ever paid attention to it in the first place). Although, yeah, MS sold more Original Xbox consoles than Nintendo did GameCubes, the former has been dropped a lot more quickly than the latter. I mean, we still haven't got Kameo on GC. That's coming soon, right?

And maybe the odd other ?, never the less i am a big fan as far as the Silver Surfer is concerned owning some classic issues of the comic among a loads of others.

I will take a wait and see policy, that trailer does not look good, or make the game seem promising in anyway, but i will reserve judgement until some gameplay footage is released. LS

( Edited on 26.02.2007 14:07 by Linkyshinks )

You mean the 360 game made by Rare? I hope you were joking, but I can't quite tell ^^;

Anyway... I don't remember the Silver Surfer being a villain, but whatever. How likely do you think it is that the GC, Wii and DS versions will all look exactly the same though? Almost certain? Yeah me too...

Also, 7 studios making a Fantastic 4 game? How odd...

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Thanks Jorge!

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Fantastic four??- I still need to see that film. Sometimes games are like films, the first game can be good but they bring out the sequal and it dies. Some companies just need to realise that if they have one good film/game they should just leave it at that and not make it worse.


The Silver Surfer is my favourite hero from Marvel Comics. I cannot believe that it has taken this long to put him in film.

As for the game - movie tie-in games are normally average at best. They follow a cookie cutter game approach, not built from the ground up. At best, I see myself getting the game more than a year later at 25% of the origibal price.

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