Nintendo DS News | Crazy Bunnies Attack Europe!

By Adam Riley 16.03.2007 1

Today Ubisoft has announced that Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Nintendo DS has released and will be at European retailers this week. The world of Rayman has been invaded by crazy out of control bunnies again and it is up to you to stop their ferocious attack. Play Rayman and use the power of Earth, Wind, Fire and Ice to stop the Rabbid invasion and restore peace to the world in this new platforming adventure on Nintendo DS.

About the game

The Rayman Raving Rabbids saga moves on: with a whole new gameplay experience and original scenario on DS, you will enjoy platforming and mini challenges like never before!

Take full advantage of the DS features: 60% of the Rayman Raving Rabbids game is playable with the mic and the stylus! With the help of the four Elemental Outfits, use the stylus to destroy obstacles, freeze
water and much more! And don't forget to get rid of your enemies by blowing on the DS mic as hard as you can!

Rayman's Signature Design: Wacky characters combined with an imaginative and visually stunning world delivering a combination of style and fun-filled action as you run, jump and throw your fists to combat these crazed rabbids.

Combat the Ultra-Crazed Evil Rabbids: Watch out for all those insane bunnies each with their own mischievous characteristics.

Stick with Cubed3 for a full review of the game very soon...

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2D Platformer



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This should be fun! I loved Raving Rabbits on Wii.

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