Nintendo News | Mario, Metroid and DK Rated for PAL VC

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.03.2007 2

Quick News: Various top NES titles are heading to the PAL Virtual Console service, according to a find on Aussie-Nintendo. The Office of Film & Literature Classification have rated a handful of games, including Adventures of LoLo, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Super Mario Bros 2. and the original Metroid.

Certainly a treat for fans of classic Nintendo outings..

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I am really dreading all these top titles now, i know i will be buying loads in the next two months, with the titles i am hearing about in the U.S and here, i already nearly have 3 pages, and already my Wii system has slowed down considerably when booting between pages- AGGHH more top games, BUT the annoying load times between pages are really starting to piss me off now,- very fucking annoying, Nintendo had better do something about it, at this rate i will HAVE to buy a black Wii to avoid the lame SD juggling, i want ALL my games readily available. Smilie. LS

Doki Doki PANIC !!! Yay

Metroid !!! Yay

( Edited on 29.03.2007 17:59 by Linkyshinks )

Never got to play these titles as i never had a NES. Good additions to the VC.

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