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By 30.03.2007 7

Quick News - In a revelation perhaps so inevitable, it could barely be considered news worthy, Fifa 2008 looks to be making its debut on Wii according to a listing on EBGames. It's listed for a September 25th release date.

Perhaps a good time to head inside and air your views on how EA should make use of Wii controls in a new football title.

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It's going to be interesting what EA will do with a football (soccer) game on the Wii. If they don't bother with any motion sensing capabilities in the game then it won't sell because people will opt for the better looking PS3/360 versions. Unless of course all these newcomes to video games who only have a Wii will end up buying it...heh.

Fifa 07 on the cube is a great game, I hope they dont ruin it by adding quirky controls. I would perfer a game using the classic controller if that was the case

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Who knows - I'd like to see motion/Wii controls as a side option to traditional controls, would like to see how good a footy game works with Wii.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Could pointing be used for precision passing rather than waggle related shit?

Really people seem stuck on the motion sensing of Wii rather than the pointing.

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I can't see motion sensing bringing many good additions to the football genre. I don't like football games anyway, but for those who do Pro Evolution is the purest form of footballing excellence and every other serious football game should copy it or die trying.

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Strap Wiimotes to your feet!

Brilliant. Starred.

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