Nintendo Media | WWE Smackdown VS Raw Wii - First Video!

By Mike Mason 30.03.2007 11

Earlier, THQ announced that the latest edition in its wrestling franchise, WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2008, would be coming to Nintendo DS and Wii. During a press event, the Wii version was demonstrated by two members of the development team Yukes - and was subsequently caught on film and uploaded onto the Internet.

During the course of the clip, you can see how backhanded slaps, jabs, grapples, turnbuckle attacks and even DX's crotch-chop taunt are performed with the Wii remote and nunchuk. As the Wii version only began development in January, the build demonstrated was pre-alpha, and so at one point there is an error where motions are not sensed, but it certainly shows early promise. IGN, who were in attendance, claim that the graphics are a mix of the quality seen in previous PS2 and Xbox versions of the series - on par with Xbox versions in terms of character models, PS2 versions in terms of backgrounds.

Without further ado, here's your dose of computerised sweaty men...

Direct link.

Huge thanks go to motis766 for the clip.

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Although you can't tell too much about the visuals due to the vid quality the motions to control the on screen action look intriguing. This is one game where getting tired while you play makes sense. I remember Wrestlemania in the arcade where you had to button mash away to beat opponents. Now that was fatigue!

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Don't hate, congratulate!


This game could be more hilarious than wii boxingSmilieSmilie

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wow im not a fight game fan :/ but that look cool how they do the game play XD hell ill love to play it to just see how it work out lol

Definitely - for an early build, I think the controls look pretty damn good, aside the embarrassing part where the turnbuckle punches weren't sensed at all. With a few more months of development to go (not sure when it's out), I'd say this is one to look out for.

All i can say is that is looks fucking awesome especially as it is only an early build.

It seems to pick up the hand movements excellently except for that bit at the turnbuckle.

very promising indeed.

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I had an thought similar to this a while ago, glad they thought of it too - controlling and timing the moves etc yerself, rather than just a motion then watching it play out- and loved the taunt! I hope they introduce being able to break out of those moves as well, or being able to throw in a few extra punches/kicks, before you actually pick them up. Looks like this might turn out really well.

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cant wait to get this game it will be a wet dream for me

Wrestling sux
Sad to say that this game is the only wii game where you can actually beat up an opponent side by side.
And WWE is going to sell big timeSmilie

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Looks like a laugh. The more complex game types might suck though.

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They'd better sort out the load times.

WWE on the PSP has horrible loading times.

Yes thats because it's the PSP.

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