Nintendo News | Original Japanese RPGs Coming to DS & Wii

By Adam Riley 09.04.2007 6

People have been clamouring for news of new RPGs coming to Nintendo's Wii, games other than Square Enix's duo of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Dragon Quest Swords and now it seems their wishes are coming true. Details have emerged from Japan showing that Image Epoch has been busy recruiting high powered members to its small team.

For those thinking Image Epoch rings a bell, well that is because it is the development team that completed the gorgeous Luminous Arc for Marvelous Interactive on the DS recently, a game that is heading to the US in Q3 2007. Anyway, the company has now recruited Kazuya Niinou, who left Atlus R&D 1 in February of this year after growing in stature after working on Trauma Centre: Under the Knife and Etrian Odyssey as director and game designer, both for DS.

In addition to this, the owner of Image Epoch, and director of Luminous Arc, Mikage Ryoei, has brought another project lead to the company - Hiroyuki Kanemaru, who was previously at Telenet Japan and then moved to Namco's Tales Studio, where he worked as scenario script director and level concept designer on Tales of Symphonia.

Kanemaru-san has been put as the director of an original RPG called Project Ray, which he has gone on record as stating will be influenced by old-school RPGs from systems such as the PC-Engine/Turbo-grafx (a format he has worked on in the past).

There are three other projects on the boil, two of which are secret right now, whilst the third is called 'Project Salamander'. Niinou-san is taking the lead on one of these, although it is unknown which one right now. Image Epoch will have a 'Creator's Voice' interview with him on the website in mid-May to reveal more.

Finally, the company is said to be working with Konami and Sega at the moment, and is (most importantly in this context) focusing on the Wii and DS!

Keep it locked to Cubed3 for further updates...

[ Thanks to duckroll for the translation help ]

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Well they have someone from ToS so it is destined to be awesome.

( Edited 11.11.2012 12:57 by Guest )

Is this supposed to excite me?

( Edited 11.11.2012 12:57 by Guest )

Is that supposed to be an intelligent comment? This is good news for those of us who are looking towards RPGs. Honestly your posting the past couple of weeks has been moronic and pointless.

( Edited 11.11.2012 12:57 by Guest )

Matthew Evans [ Writer :: Moderator :: King of Impartiality :: Lord of the 15min Thread ] As the wind blows the sand to cover the camel's tracks so does time move to cover the Lord's.
Rejoice for the Lord will taketh his quarter and give much back to his followers.

If you like new, original RPGs that are being worked on by proven talent...then yes.

( Edited 11.11.2012 12:57 by Guest )

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

Sounds good to me, a broad range of talents. Should be a promising RPG.

Four projects, two of which we know about and the main focus on Wii and DS...Who reckons three to DS and one mighty Wii project? Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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