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Nintendo Mp3 Player
Gavin Lane (artmonkey) :: 10th April 2007

This little piece snuck onto shelves with little fanfare last December. Essentially, the Nintendo MP3 Player does what it says on the tin - it allows digital music playback on select Nintendo handhelds when coupled with a common-or-garden SD card. After drag-and-dropping your favourite tunes (in MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 format), your DS is transformed into a hybrid MP3 Jukebox/games console. But does this bulky peripheral have the smarts to take on the mighty iPod?...

Designed to work with GBA Micro and DS in both 'Phat' and Lite guises, when plugged in to your chosen handheld a plastic lip sticks out approximately a centimetre (more so with the Lite). This lip sports a logo and houses a headphone socket, in addition to the one on your console. True, this add-on won't win any beauty pageants, and the position of the audio socket means your headphones will protrude at an uncomfortable right-angle in your jacket pocket - assuming the thing fits in there at all. Jean pockets simply aren't an option (at least if you value your fertility). Ergonomically then, we're not off to the best start. However, someone (a real uggo, no doubt) once said something about 'beauty' and 'skin-deep' - perhaps this player is hiding something sexy inside...

When firing it up you're offered a choice of MCs for your musical experience

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Weird. SOO much more could have been done with this - from touch screen to basic stuff like playlists. Good review though!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Thanks for the review. This seemed pretty amazing from the title (I was actually thinking Nintendo had made a standalone mp3 player, which would have been amazing). From the sounds of it, they spent 1 day developing the software, and an extra day on the hardware. With the already somewhat bulky size of the DS and the limited space of SD cards, I think any other MP3 player would be a better option.

Nice review monkey, I believe I'll be getting an R4 with a 2GB Micro SD for under 70 USD to handle my media needs.

While on the topic, does anyone here use the home brew app moonshell, and if so, is it any good?

Outstanding review! Smilie

It seemed cool at first (honestly, in the title), but from the way its painted, seems like a poo bag...

I'll take your advice though, Animal Crossing IS better Smilie

Udkedae Everywhere! | PSN: Udkedae

This device has so much more potential, o well.

i love the mp3 player.

There's so many homebrew players (such as LMP-ng and Moonshell) that do the job a whole lot better, if you want to invest in that kind of hardware...

This could of been SO much better, lucky I didn't get one.

  • Welcome to the NHK

Go buy an iPod.

no compatibility for WAV,ACC,WMV etc?
So its a MP3 only player?

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I use an R4 with micro sd and moonshel.. Moonshell is all right, but I only have a few mp3s on it. Most of my space is filled with games.

Napster said:
no compatibility for WAV,ACC,WMV etc?So its a MP3 only player?

artmonkey had already stated:
It supports MP3 format only, so AAC, WMA, WAV and friends need not apply.

Napster will probably reply:
but it plays AIFF right?

artmonkey will:
shoot self in face.

Less posty, more gamey.

I nearly bought this, i put it on my basket, went to the checkout and i left it at the last second!

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