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By Jorge Ba-oh 26.06.2003 1

Monster Truck Madness
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The successful PC game Monster Truck Madness, developed by Microsoft Game Studios, is coming to the Game Boy Advance courtesy of THQ. The first thing that may alarm you is the fact that an exisiting Microsoft title is appearing on a Nintendo console. Perhaps this goes to show how companies have a hint of doing such things for the gamers and not the money. However, that is a matter of opinion.

The game features a variety of monster trucks in three game modes: "instant action", normal race, and time trial. What would be normally considered as a driving experience is increased with rugged and challenging terrain to enhance the track, and this is notable in the screens. Ten monster trucks are included with unique attributes of handling and speed, style and colour. Also, there are 30 tracks with destructible objects - fences, crates, barrels etc and the vehicles themselves can also obtain real-time damage - broken engines, dented shells etc. But, the carnage doesn't seem to end as the usual racing additions include the items you can gain during play. From bombs, shrink ray, glue and the usual nitro boosts for speed, the game covers all aspects of general racing with absoulte "Monster Madness".

The release date for the game is this September.


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