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By James Temperton 26.06.2003 1

Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter
Amazing new shots of Star Wars title!

Black Label Games have released a new batch of screens of their futuristic shooter Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter and they look very sweet indeed. The game will be in the shops on 15 August for PS2 and Xbox, while Gamecube and PC bods will have to wait until 26 September.

Mixing game styles has always appealed to the playing public but so many titles just don't pull it off, or the mixture is so lop-sided as to be negligible. However, we're hoping Mace Griffin will be prove to be one of the few that gets it spot on, with its ground-based FPS and space flight action mix.

Formerly a Special Ops officer, Mace has done 10 years in prison after being framed for a comrade's demise. On release he seeks revenge and becoming a bounty hunter gives him access to classified information - handy when the air is thick with conspiracy.So begins many a bounty mission.

As you can see in the screens, the FPS ground action looks nice and solid. And the good news is that the space flights look equally good. The transition between FPS and space action is said to be seamless, which would certainly help with the feeling of immersion, if that were the case.

Number crunching brings up the following: six different ships can be piloted, from alien fighters to huge carriers; a total of 11 different spaceship weapons are in the game, with 10 different player weapons for the FPS side of events.

Environments promise to be varied, which the game should provide simply due to its dual game-style approach. That said, it's not always the case with these things, but the screens indicate variety, most noticeably in the use of the palette range.

We're sure you can imagine the many types of missions Mace will take on, such as taking out space stations, infiltrating and sabotaging organisations. But did this ever cross your mind - a mission to stop rustlers from stealing alien super cattle? Thought not. A game that can come from a touch left-field to surprise you is a good thing and, with any luck, it's not only surprise they have in store for us.

Mace Griffin certainly has the potential and promise to rise above the many mediocre titles that mix game styles.


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