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By James Temperton 27.06.2003 1

R: Racer Evolution
Rev up your engines with Namco's hot new racer!

Namco have released a new group of shots of their latest Ridge Racer title, R Racing Evolution. The game will appear on PS2, Xbox and Gamecube and the US release should be around the end of the year.

This time around, Ridge gets a storyline that focuses on intense rivalry between two drivers - which, we guess, are both female (judging by screenshots to date).

  • 11 real world and fantasy tracks

  • Eight race types, includiong Circuit, Rally and Drag

  • Four modes: Racing Life, Time Attack, Arcade and Vs

  • Interactive Driver AI system - competitors can now buckle under pressure

    The only other info update is that the game will have more licensed cars than any previous Ridge title.

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