News Hound: This Week In Gaming Issue 10

By James Temperton 29.06.2003 1

News Hound

One man and his dog, went to mow a meadow. The dog got bored, ran back home and became a journo...

What’s Hot
Yes my friends its that time of the week when we have to take a look at what’s great in the ever changing world of videogaming. So, prepare yourselves as I delve deep into the news and forage out the best bits…

  • GBA In Japan | Whilst the GameCube might not be doing hugely well in the far east the GBA seems to be going from strength. Despite increased sales of the console the GameCube still finds itself sitting in the middle of nowhere in third place, but the handheld situation could not be any more different. Four games in the top ten and outselling the PS2 by one hundred miles and then some it makes one wonder where Nintendo would be without the little handheld. Also of note is the release list for the GBA which seems to have more and more non-SNES ports the further into 2003 we get. Perhaps Nintendo are looking to improve things even more before the PSP hits the shelves in late 2004.

  • Confidence in the future | Never have I heard Nintendo sound so damn arrogant about their plans for the future. Now the Big N have something of a bad history when it comes to talking about their past consoles. They seem to hype them up like there is no tomorrow, hailing them as the best games machine in the world, but they never seemed to have confidence in themselves before. It is almost as if they were just saying it for the hell of it, but this time around they seem to be stupidly confident that the GameCube 2 can reinstall them as the best in the industry. Whilst David Gosen still seems to have missed the point as far as persuasive public relations talks go it would appear that someone know how to pull the wool over our eyes with heavy ladles of skill, head their words of wisdom: Development is proceeding, and we won't be putting it out after other companies' launch periods, but all I can say for now is that we'd like for you to wait and look forward to it. However, Nintendo has always been striving to create, develop and chase after new types of games, so I think we'd like to have a platform where we can make that kind of software see what I mean? Perhaps the most significant thing is that Nintendo plan to get the GameCube 2 out before any of the other consoles even think about placing their money laden buttocks on the shelves. Surely this gives Nintendo a real chance of returning to the times of old, well, their PR people would certainly have you believe it, and I would be forced to agree.

  • Money, money, money! | Those of you with a superior memory to a goldfish might remember what you ate for tea, or indeed what happened at E3. With the announcement of the PSP console Nintendo’s shares did something of a ‘fat person freefalling without a parachute’ and thus people started to sadden a bit, but fear not, they are back on track. It would appear that EA’s persistence in supporting the GameCube, and the GBA’s quite remarkable sales figures have persuaded people to believe that Nintendo are still in a very strong position in the market. Now I shall not be boring you with all the numbers and statistics, nobody should be put through the boredom tha
    t ensues, so rest easy in the knowledge that confidence in Nintendo has increased tenfold. Whilst we are yet to see how Nintendo do when the games start pouring in again come early September surely the company can go into the winter period with a slightly restored reputation.

  • What’s Not
    Of course not all news is good news, and an old saying is very much the case with this bunch of stinkers; ‘No news, is good news…’

  • Erm…where? | So, Nintendo have decided to play a bit of hide and seek, a bit of catch me if you can? Not sure what I’m on about, well, look at the UK Gaming Charts for the week, see Wario World sitting ‘pretty’ at number 26 well would you all be kind enough to tell me why this game has been such a flop? Also, look out for it falling down the charts like there is no tomorrow. This is Nintendo’s last big release before they go into hibernation for the summer [yes, the thought of a multi million dollar corporation curled up in a nest amuses me intensely]. Surely it would be a better idea to say a temporary good bye with a bang rather than a rather petulant pop. Perhaps it is just me, but do Nintendo still seem totally incapable of pushing a product successfully? Now I will go on the record for saying I was impressed with the launch of the GameCube, but that isn’t that start and end of it all. People are stupid, and often forget things and thus they will need to be reminded of what they should be spending their money on. It is an age old problem and one that Nintendo really should stop sit there twiddling their thumbs over, do they think someone else will do the job for them? Actually, saying that, see if you can better Nintendo, think of how you would promote the GameCube and its games, comment below with how it would work, I will include the best idea in next weeks issue.

  • Ridiculed for being ‘dangerous’ | Well, well, well, Mr. Mass Media is having a field trip again. Apparently, according to the American press [CBS if you must know] gaming will severely damage our health. According it ‘Dan’ the anchorman we are at risk of using self-harm and of getting a heart condition just for playing games for over a long period of time. It is said that your retinas can be signed slightly by the images on the screen [why normal television would not do this is beyond me] and also gives you severe and recurring migraines, great! So why am I fit as a fiddle and running about sniffing other dogs asses like there is no tomorrow? It just does not make sense. Why must gaming be made a scapegoat for societies problems? People are bloody idiots without videogames and they are with them, so what difference does playing them make? In my view the sooner people realise that gaming is like television with a stick and some buttons the better we will all be.

  • Dominance at the wrong end of the spectrum | Looking at the charts it is clear that something went wrong somewhere along the line. Whilst this weeks gaming charts might not be the worlds best example of the problem I feel you should all take note. Licences are big sellers, not matter how appalling a game is a company knows it will sell if Ms. Britney Spears is parading her orbs on the front or if Mickey Mouse is showing off his lovely smile, it is part a parcel of people being gullible and or stupid. Wario World was behind a game that is months old Harry Potter if you must know, why? Well, it was the damn book that is why. This is not a singular case either, it is something that is consistently happening. Soon enough it will be dangerous to experiment with ideas, what will become of gaming then? Companies like Nintendo can only do so much, but perhaps things will change for the better sooner rather than later.

  • In the Kennel: The Weekly Analysis
    A chance to sit back and put everything in perspective. How will the happenings
    in the industry effect gamer and industry alike. Much like biting someone’s leg has a consequence as does every piece of news. This is the breakdown…

    Well, I have tried to ignore it, but I have to look at perhaps the most annoying and darn right dumb piece of news ever to take up web-space. As many of you might have noticed Acclaim, one of the worlds leading games companies [well, they are up there somewhere] have stuck the V-sign up at Nintendo and the GameCube and done a runner, nice that. Statement to say why? Not even a sniff of it. Reasons to even suggest why they did such a thing? Nope, so I will be forced to speculate again. It has been made no secret that gaming money is a bit short on the ground for some companies, one or two have become victims and now cease to exist, whilst others are clinging on for dear life. Perhaps [and it is very likely] the GameCube was not making enough money for Acclaim, but all sorts of things seem to contradict this. For one Burnout 2 sold stupidly well on Nintendo’s machine, as did XGIII so why the sudden change of heart, one would have to think that perhaps Mr. Gates has been doing some gaming prostitution again. Money under the table is all very well, but where does that leave the industry, up the creek without a paddle that is where. Companies with initiative look set to reverse this though, EA know that they need to balance things out and support all consoles with relative intelligence. Whilst no major games will be lost on the GameCube it cannot be solely Acclaim’s bad move and we must look to Nintendo for part of the blame, I could look at the government but they have enough problems as things are. Nintendo need to make the GameCube a stronger option for the less confident developers, when they do perhaps we will not see this situation arise again. So, I will be leaving you with this thought, what can they do to make the console a better moneymaker for developers, or are Nintendo not to blame?

    Happy gaming one and all and I’ll see you next week.
    News Hound

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