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By Jorge Ba-oh 30.06.2003 1

NOM and demonstration disc?
The prospect is near reality...

Renound publisher of UK's Nintendo Official Magazine, Emap, have recently updated their page with a high quality image, a "mock up" of their next version of the magazine.

The page also seems to suggest that the magazine could, in the near future, come with a demo disk, and shows a picture of the American Preview disc we revealed several months back containing the five playable demos - Sonic Adventure DX, Billy Hatcher, Splinter Cell, Viewtiful Joe and the highly acclaimed Soul Calibur 2.

This is normal for the company wants to see whether or not their new style is appropriate for readers. But they included a rather surprising image in the form of PS2 exclusive, Silent Hill, which is odd for nothing has been heard of the game, but other elements of the picture seem to suggest it's purely for style purposes rather than real.

However, a quote from their survey page contradicts the thought of it being a false image:

"If you're here, you should by now have seen both the next cover of NOM and the possible free demo disc that we're thinking of sticking on the cover."

The mock up image of the cover can be seen below:

View Image

Strangely enough, the cover also refers to Goldeneye on the N64 as an RPG (Role Playing Game). This has lead people to be unsure about the authenticity, although it still could be in mock-up form and changes are likely to be made before its release.

View NOM survey

The Official Statement
Blimey guys,

We've certainly got you all talking about Nintendo Official Magazine.
You're right to say we are changing in a couple of issues, but the cover that you've all seen is just a mock-up and nothing like the real thing.

As for a NOM demo disc we know it's what everyone wants. As many of you have concluded, the US image was attached to see how much readers would pay for one. There are no firm plans yet but you will be the first to know when it happens.
As for the prize draw, it's already taken place from all the emails received and Andy from Sheffield has already received his chosen prize - a copy of Burnout 2. Thanks to everyone who replied to the survey on-line, it's given the NOM team great feedback to make the new mag the best it's ever been.

We know Silent Hill's not coming to GameCube, we just wanted to have some fun thinking of games that we'd like to see on Nintendo and how much better GameCube could make them.
So come on all you Cubed3 members, we want to know what games on other consoles would be better on GameCube and why. Just send them direct to me at and we may use them in a future issue of NOM.

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