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The Sadness messageboards were lit up with happiness with a helping of artwork for the upcoming Wii survival-horror project: Dark, disturbed characters meet Resident Evil-inspired settings inside.

Thanks to Monkey Wii for the tip.

Be sure to stick around for more horror antics..

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01.05.2007 03:33



Box art for Sadness (Cancelled)








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Reader comments - add yours today Comments on this Article

These are looking good, but it looks somewhat like concept art. Hopefully the game will look equally as pretty. This is one game that I've been getting very excited about.

Just wow....Look at how dark and evil the game looks >.< I CANT WAIT!!!!!

OMG i have been looking at the artwork...and it just hit me, look at the one with the guy holding his hand looks like a in game shot of the man, like his 3D model...I dont know I see things alot sorry >.<


I agree that there does look something slightly odd about that first one, but I doubt it's the in-game model...

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society

Look at the old guy's legs, they look pretty 3D-ish and not a kind of sketch.

-Have you any idea what it's like to be a Fembot living in a Manbot's Manputer's world?

its very frustrating
i look at parts of an image and it looks sketched i look at other parts it 3d. Im annoyed i am a graphics and photo artist. i cant work it out though.The hut looks 3d but the surrounding area doesnt. The most 3dish one is the guy with his hands up. Im hoping there are 3d. IF they are, this game is set for success without even reading the story. The graphics would put the xboxs power to shame.

Wow it looks pretty good! Smilie cant wait to see some footage! Smilie

I see all these people insulting the Nintendo corporation because of the lack of mature content. Yet there is something about Nintendo (at least their games) that strikes a certain unadulterated feeling of joy!!!  Pokemon Y - 1048-9263-5562

The house phote is v.realistic - Nibris have always maintained that the concept art is very close to what the in-game models and graphics would be ... Smilie

Wonder what's in the cave .. Smilie

There are 10 types of people in the world: Those that understand binary and those that don't ..

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