Nintendo Interview | Dragon Quest IX Details, Monsters Coming to US

By Adam Riley 14.05.2007

Continuing the splurge of information found via interviews that took place at the Square Enix Party this weekend, this time the focus was on Dragon Quest for the DS, with Yuji Horii, creator of the Dragon Quest franchise, discussing the ninth entry into the main series, plus the Monsters spin-off games.

Horii-san started by mentioning the whole idea of Dragon Quest Monsters stemmed from a monster-raising feature found in Dragon Quest V, with the team believing the idea could be extracted and moved into its own realm and developed further, with creatures in the DQM series able to breed and mix with with other monsters to synthesize into all-new beings.

When asked about how bringing Dragon Quest IX to DS, he replied that nothing has changed with "the policy of the Dragon Quest series at all". He wanted to make a game that could have players enjoying themselves with friends, using the Internet to connect people up to each other. He continued by talking about how people want to generally switch between consoles and portables on a regular basis, so DQIX is not such a strange idea.

Finally, he goes finishes by basically confirming Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker for the US,

Well, hopefully because Pokemon's selling well in the west, Monsters will get a break. Because up to now, it's been hard to receive it. Hopefully Monsters can be more accepted that way. We're hoping to get the post-Pokemon audience, a bit older.

Seems like it is just a matter of waiting for Square Enix USA to officially announce it then!

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