UK Chart Highlights | Strong Week for Wii, Nintendo DS, PS3 & Xbox 360!

By Adam Riley 22.05.2007 2

UK Chart Highlights XCXVIII
...PlayStation 3 Strong, But Nintendo DS Stronger

Your weekly UK Chart Round-Up brought to you by stat-man jesusraz. Remember, the images here do not reflect actual sales!

A wide range of winners!

Normally each week seems to have a clear winner, with the Nintendo DS and Wii systems being key performers and the PlayStation 2 being the perennial victor. However, this time round the charts seems to have quite a varied mix of all formats, showing that each company's platform performed more than adequately! Whatever could the world be coming to?! Anyway, unnecessary drama aside, the Wii had another large shipment of stock last week, so let us see how that impacted on the chart overall...

Spider-man stuck right where he is...

The All Prices Top 40 has Wii Play down just one to No.4, but sees Cooking Mama really exerting force to move up one to No.5, along with Brain Training's resurgence, up seven to No.9. Other than that, Sega Mega Drive Collection is back up five to No.33. So the focus on the Top 40 Full Price chart is on Spider-man 3, which spends its third week at No.1, partly in thanks to the release of the PS3 edition last week (now No.1 on PS3 and accounting for 19% of overall Spidey sales). Command & Conquer holds at No.2, but the Wii edition of Tiger Woods helps the game jump two to No.3. The 360 sees a real boost this week thanks to the increased interest in Halo 3, so people have rushed out to buy Crackdown and the Halo 3 demo as a result...lifting the GTA-a-like up seven to No.4, whilst knocking FFIII on DS down two to No.5, although this is still quite a feat in the game's third week on sale! Oblivion slips two to No.6 and New Super Mario Bros. jumps three to No.9 in what is definitely a very varied Top 10!

Further down, TMNT climbs two to No.11, Medal of Honour moves back up five to No.14, Gears of War on 360 is up from No.23 to No.15 and Sonic Wii climbs two to No.16. Harvest Moon DS slides nine to No.19, Pok

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Every side is doing quite well this week!

Wait, how come there are 2 Full Price top 40s? Smilie

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Makes a nice change, doesn't it! Interesting to see how the 360 has been boosted already by the hype surrounding Halo 3.

Oh, and there's the Top 40 that includes all budget priced games (such as Wii Play and Brain Training, plus a bunch of PC games that range from around a few quid each)...this is the All Price Top 40. Then there's the one that we focus on, the Full Price Only Top 40 Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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