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By Jorge Ba-oh 23.05.2007 1

Kirby returns to the portable world by taking revenge on a horde of evil thieving mice! The pink puffball finally reaches Europe this summer, with some Dreamland action on the move.

In Mouse Attack Kirby must explore each level and find the exit door, taking down enemies and nabbing treasure along the way. Pissed off at a band of mice, known as the Squeak Squad, for stealing his picnic he sets out to get his shortcake and treasures from the mice through over 50 levels spanning eight huge worlds. The Dreamland wonder can use his abilities to affect the environment

Box art for Kirby: Mouse Attack
Also known as

Kirby: Squeak Squad






2D Platformer



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That's 2 days before my English exam... The bastards ;_;

I think I may put off playing it until I go on holiday anyway actually, so I have somethig to do after I finish (inevitably) reading the new Harry Potter book... It's gonna be so hard to not play it though ;-;

Also... Where the hell is the GC/Wii game!? >,<

( Edited on 24.05.2007 18:52 by Megadanxzero )

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society

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