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By Adam Riley 30.05.2007 12

With gamers eagerly awaiting Resident Evil and Manhunt 2 on Nintendo's Wii, Konami has gone on record to basically state its Silent Hill series would be unsuitable for the Wii audience. Talking with Dengeki Playstation recently, Konami's Masashi Tsuboyama was asked about various different topics, but touched upon Nintendo in passing:

"While Nintendo Wii sales are very high, and I applaude Nintendo for their sucess, I dont think Silent Hill is a game that would be sold on Nintendo Wii as much as a game like Zelda would worldwide. This by no means says we will not consider the idea but the general opinion is that Wii is for family games and im sure the fans don't play Silent Hill with their grandma!"

In addition to this point, which could well be quickly negated if both Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition and Manhunt 2 prove successful in coming months, he also added this comment about the control system:

"Nintendo Wii would be easier to make for but the control scheme would be hard to implement in a Silent Hill game."

So should Konami bring Silent Hill to Wii and how best do you reckon the controls could indeed be used for the series? Let us know in the forum below.

The full interview can be seen here.

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What a lack of imagination.

"This man has advanced communist views ... He dresses in a bohemian fashion both at his office and in his leisure hours."

Meh, they would probably port a game over instead of making one.

konami are pathetic at this stage didnt red steel sell in the region of 900,000 world wide. If a shite game at the launch of a machine can do that with a mature theme surely silent hill can. I'm completely gob smacked by the ignorance. Grandmas wont be playing manhunt, no more heroes, RE4, metroid prime or ALONE IN THE DARK. Wii was meant to expand the audience not neglect one for the other. A lot of companies have decided this wont be the case. The only evidence we have to go on are shite mature PS2 ports that lack any quality control. I really feel that Hardcore nintendo fans wont just buy a game because its part of an establish franchise if the reviews and word of mouth say it isnt good it wont be bought. As for the controls thats now Capcom and Konami that have commented on difficulties to translate controls for third person games. Surely this is the kind of game that is very easy. Godfather has been well recieved for its controls and they were quite elaborate. If I remeber correctly all you do is walk about pointing a light about collecting things and shooting. but it has been a while since I played one. The game might be really complicated now with a full range of kung fu attacks surgical operations and acrobatics involved.

What would really take the mik is if rockstar announce a GTA of the Wii, cause that will definetely be successful

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I'm not a big fan of Silent Hill, but from what I have played I don't think in its current form it would work well on the Wii. So... they could come up with some new ideas to make it fresh and involving? Of course NOT!

Yeah, I remember all the fun that I and my parents, grandparents, and obscure relatives had while playing Duke Nukem, Turok, Doom, Quake, South Park, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Mortal Kombat 4 on my Nintendo. Good times. Nothing but family quality entertainment. I remember we always used to eat milk and cookies when we were done. You had to. Nintendo wrote it on every box. We don't need anyone getting all cranky before their nap when they're done having a wholesome good time. Thanks Nintendo. You always looked out for us.

Uhhhhh, I forgot the rest of my comment. I'll just leave it there.

I'd assume they would use the same over the shoulder view as RE.

You know, I'm getting sick of the whole "we're afraid to compete with Nintendo" crap, if you make a game that actually good then you don't have worry about Nintendo, hell if I'm not mistaken RE4 was perhaps one of the best selling GCN games (though that's not saying much),these third parties need to grow a pair.

what? The controll scheme would be easy to do :-/
You dont need dual analogue.

" RE4 was perhaps one of the best selling GCN games (though that's not saying much)"

Actualy, it is.
Even though total cube sales were lower then PS2, its first party game sales were often higher.
("big-fish small pond effect" I like to call it). <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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Surely if silent hill can be put on a PSP, a Wii game is also possible. (in terms of controls.)

Let's hope Alone in the Dark is made well and also sells well to show Konami that it's possible for the Wii to have survival horror games.

The Silent Hill games have scared me more than any other. (Ignoring the bath scene from Eternal Darkness.Smilie)

Nice to know that Masashi Tsuboyama has a great imagination. I love how he's so grown up, and can make "mature" games, but can't take 20 minutes to brainstorm the controls for a game to see that they would fit perfectly, ESPECIALLY if you took the time to create a new style of gameplay. But why in the hell would they do that? I mean...actually making a suquel innovative and play different? Psht...that's just silly.

This is exactly the reason Nintendo created the classic controller. Okay, so gamers have to buy it separately, but Nintendo's actual goal with the classic pad was for the third parties to create games with which used traditional controls.

Companies don't HAVE to use the remotes and nunchuks of the Wii, but I still think they could use it just fine. There doesn't HAVE to be waving of the remote going on at all. There's enough buttons on the remote and nunchuk to create a big 3d game like Silent Hill.

This news is a little disappointing to hear, but who cares? We've got plenty of good games coming to Wii anyway.

OMG the "N00B" attack has begun Smilie ive never seen so many newbies in one topic... Smilie WELCOME PEOPLE!!

Anyway hopefully manhunt will sell enough copies to change Konami's mind, i was never that big of a fan of the series, it was just too slow for my liking!

Anyway i would put

I see all these people insulting the Nintendo corporation because of the lack of mature content. Yet there is something about Nintendo (at least their games) that strikes a certain unadulterated feeling of joy!!!  Pokemon Y - 1048-9263-5562

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