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By Adam Riley 30.05.2007 6

Following the initial report of Madden NFL 08 on Wii being online, firm details about what will be on offer have now emerged. Other than the refinement of last year's edition's motion control system, there will be

  • Exhibition match-ups;
  • An online lobby complete with real-time leaderboards;
  • EA Locker features
  • An EA "My Profile" for when you go online, with it including your country of origin, win/loss record, defensive percentage, overall ranking, and 5-star reputation score;
  • ESPN news ticker, with regular updates;
  • Downloadable content available, for example roster updates in late 2008 and early 2009;
  • Friend Codes will be implemented, yet it is unknown if this means the new Mii Code system will be brought in. Whatever the case, though, you will be able to randomly play against an opponent in the online space;
  • Sadly there will not be any voice chat, with an instant messaging system in place of it.
In addition to all of this, whilst offline the game will offer twenty-two mini-games that allow players to practice drills (like the 40-yard dash) and take part in American Football trivia quizzes, amongst other things. Finally, how you perform in these smaller games will have an effect on your party mode rating. There will also be full Mii integration, a Virtual League for online tournaments, up-to-the minute roster updates and head-to-head action across the world.

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Sounds brilliant. I like the idea of updates.

Downloadable content available, for example roster updates in late 2008 and early 2009;

Could this mean the end of Madden games forever?

There will also be full Mii integration

Is it just me or does this sound like a tragedy of a decision?

Still, the online tournaments sound good and another online game for Wii is definitely not bad news.

I can't wait for this game i loved the madden 07 on the wii.This one sounds like its going to be way better


Yeah, apparently Madden on Wii works.

Sounds fantastic. The other Madden game for the Wii was a great title so I'm sure that these ew additions will make the next one even better.

Oh it's online!! An online lobby??'s that work.

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