Industry News | EA Sets Up Casual Games Division

By Adam Riley 06.06.2007 4

With games of a more 'casual' nature proving to be highly successful on the likes of Nintendo's DS and Wii, Electronic Arts has made a move to capitalise on this movement by forming a new internal division. Entitled 'EA Casual Entertainment', it is to be headed up by former Activision president Kathy Vrabeck and will create games for consoles, handhelds, the PC and mobile phones.

"All over the world, consumers are playing games that don't require hours of intense concentration. The common denominator is casual fun. Whether it will be playing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the Wii with the family or downloading Madden NFL 08 on a phone, quick-to-the-fun games are bringing new players and new demographics to interactive entertainment."
- Kathy Vrabeck, Head of EA Casual Entertainment.

"EA is aligning talent and resources to focus on the growing market for highly accessible games. We're fortunate to have recruited a dynamic executive like Kathy Vrabeck to lead this team. She's got a proven success record in our industry and the ability to help EA lead this fast-growing genre of entertainment."
- EA CEO John Riccitiello.

Whilst no details about the team's first project has been announced, no doubt more information will be released in due time.

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i think they need to call it the mine games division <_<

i love big storys in game and the game play to go with it not some cheese game about some sh1t u clean up

And this differs from the rest of EA... how?

^^^ You took those words right out of my mouth...

A little bit of me just died inside.

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

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