Nintendo Media | Ultimate Mortal Kombat DS Trailer

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.06.2007 9

Box art for Ultimate Mortal Kombat








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Oooh, looks tasty. I always liked the original UMK3.

I know that some of the levels are multi-tiered...(the subway for one). I wonder if we'll have some screen switching action?

Finish Him!


ALthough, I wonder; will it have all the characters from MK trilogy for PS?

( Edited on 28.06.2007 21:42 by Dritttoolegit )

Clearly not the best MK quote it's

This could be really freak'n sweet. Although, I wish they did Mortal Kombat Trilogy instead of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

Chance favors the prepared mind.

i like the look of it, apart from yet another shit use for the second screen in a game.

I've always personally thought that Mortal Kombat suxxorz. It's all about Street Fighter. On that note- Street Fighter Alpha 3 for DS? I know they already did it on GBA, but unlike GBA, DS has enough buttons!

Great use of the touch screen there...

Great use of the touch screen there...

It doesn't need touch screen usage, and so I'm glad they don't seem to have shunted it in needlessly.

Looks pretty nice. UMK3 was the last reasonably decent MK I played.

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