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    Nintendo News | Two for THQ on Wii

    By Jorge Ba-oh 29.06.2007 7

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    I havent bought a THQ game since NO MERCY on the N64 (but that was when they were goodSmilie)

    Destroy all Humans!! That could be good.

    There were no good THQ games since quite a while imho, Angus. I think you didn't do wrong.

    Hey, a scan of a magazine here that I can read! No japanese, great! *grin*

    I find your lack of faith disturbing!
    Guest 29.06.2007#4

    De Blob demo (English/Zip)

    I have enjoyed the previousDestroy All Humans, thought they were fun. Wonder how they will use the Wiimote for that game.

    De Blob looks quite interesting. Shame there aren't any DaH3 Wii screens...

    4) Fart
    De Blob demo (English/Zip)

    Does that need steam like the pollen sonata demo did?

    Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

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