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Nintendo DS News | Ace Attorney 4 Lead Named

Quick News: British Gaming Blog is claiming that the protagonist of Ace Attorney 4, the replacement for Phoenix Wright, will have a localised name of Apollo Justice when the game is translated for the West. This has been rumoured for a little while after Capcom registered the name as a trademark, but apparently a Nintendo of France feature has now confirmed this.

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09.07.2007 00:34



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D'oh! Phoenix Wright was a fun attorney to play as. Hopefully the character of Apollo Justice will be interesting as well.

( Edited on 09.07.2007 06:38 by TruLink )

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I guess this basically confirms Ace Attorney 4's appearance in the west, since it didn't contain an English translation in the Japanese version, I was thinking of the possibility it wouldn't come... I guess my fears have been averted. I can't wait for more information on the 5th game too to be honest, I'm hoping that there will be more returning characters from the Phoenix Wright series...

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I might be getting this next installment, or perhaps an older one if I can find it, as soon as I have the money again. Let's just hope the series retains the quality it supposedly has, judging by all the positive comments I hear about it!Smilie

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The fourth one is supposed to be the weakest of the bunch, sadly, but the quality's still very high. I can't wait for PW3, which is out next month in Japan and includes an English option.

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jesusraz said:
The fourth one is supposed to be the weakest of the bunch, sadly, but the qualitys still very high. I cant wait for PW3, which is out next month in Japan and includes an English option.
That's a shame to hear... I'm still looking forward to it though, it's probably to do with the shock of switching the main roles & having no returning characters. (except for a small few)

But I was hoping that the DS exclusive features like the ones in Chapter 5 of the first game, plus an increase in music quality... would make the game better.

Anyway, yeah, I can't wait for the 3rd game either. I think I'll wait for the US release though.

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