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By 11.07.2007 8

Today's update from the Super Smash Bros. Brawl website sees an item from the Nintendo 64 days, reinvigorated for Brawl; the bumper.

Now with the ability to set it in midair, using it in combination with attacks will most benefit you. Then sit back, and observe the madness.

Further updates barreling your way, be sure to stick around...

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Yeah saw this earlier today. It's a bit mehSmilie

I don't know - I can see it becoming integral to strategy. Especially with blocking attempts to get back on the board.

But if I am playing seriously against someone, then I turn off items.

Really? The items are what makes the game so much fun in my opinion...

I think it's good, one of the best items from SSB64, & it was missing from Melee. Good stuff. Can't wait to see what/if we get at E3.

EDIT: & yeah, I always play with all items on... they can really help, & Homerun bats make me stronger, because I fight my hardest to throw them off the stage Smilie

( Edited on 11.07.2007 16:40 by SuperLink )

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Brawl is out December 3rd 2007!!!SmilieSmilieSmilie

well, how many old items are they gonna bring back into brawl?

Well, Bumper was the only one missing from Melee, if I can recall correctly. I think we can safely assume lots of the Melee weapons will return too, but some may have been altered or changed.

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