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E3 2007 News | Super Mario Galaxy Confirmed as 2-Player

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11.07.2007 22:37



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I thought the 2 player was just the thing where a second person can manipulate things on the screen to aid to main player?

^^ I was under that same thought.

hmm - Interesting.

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Well, could be good, should be good, but since me and a friend o' mine have been playing Xbox360 games via system link, (thats a widescreen each) I'm hoping I dont have to revisit the past days of splitscreen gameplay which always seemed to sacrifice graphic effects to keep the games up to speed.
Saying that, I'm not sure how two players can share the same screen in what looks like a very expansive 3d environment, wihtout the camera panning far out to show both players, Smash Bros style, but then, that would suck.

Sounds cool, I sorta guessed it would have some two player play of some kind, great that it is confirmed. Hopefully the game will arrive in the U.K on the first week of December. The 8th comes to mind for some reason Smilie

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The 2nd player uses the Wiimote to aid the other player right? Luigi CoOp would be incredible. It would be 1,000,000 times what the doctor ordered, & it would truly be a dream come true.

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I'm pretty sure it's just the thing where one player helps the other by using another Wiimote.

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The video of Mario Galaxy give me such a boner.

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