Nintendo Wii/DS Scans | Tales, Gundam, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles...

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.07.2007 3

Some scans from hotly anticipated Wii and DS games have emerged from a recent issue of Japanese gaming weekly, Famitsu, including both the Wii/DS entires in the Tales series, the Wii Gundam effort and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.

Tales of Innocence (DS)
Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk (Wii)

Mobile Suit Gundam MS 0079 (Wii)
Project Rygar (Wii) Simple Wii: Volume 1

Thanks to NeoGAF member Khalid-S.

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Tales of Innocence is looking awesome though I really see no difference between ToS and ToS2.I would say ToS2 looks worse...

I guess I must see larger screens.

hmm... In Ring of Fates is there a fifth race?
I can see A Yuke, a Liltie and 3 roughly human-shape figures. Perhaps they're a Clavat, a Selkie and a /new/!! guy (The shortish bow-and-arrow guy looks rather unfamiliar to me!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Duffman ~~~~~~~~~
"If you make yourself really small, you can externalize virtually everything", Daniel Dennett

perhaps a Selkie? This guy you refer to is also pictured on the same scan on the lower left, next to the one on the left, who seems to be a Lilty...
Love him, thou, looks ubercute!

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

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