Nintendo DS Media | More Dragon Quest IV Remake Scans

By Adam Riley 03.08.2007 3

Quick News - Following the initial announcement of Dragon Quest IV coming to the DS in a 3D remake courtesy of Square Enix, the company has released new images to Famitsu magazine, which can be seen below:

  • Scan One
  • Scan Two
  • Stick around for more updates...

    Box art for Dragon Quest IV: The Chapters of the Chosen

    Armour Project / Artepiazza


    Square Enix


    Turn Based RPG



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    I am in love, SE are going to bleed me dry with remakes of FF and DQ. This version looks stunningly styled for the DS. {LS]

    Looks very nice. I like the style a lot.

    I'm not too fond of the style. The game is likely to be super though, so that's all that matters...right?


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