Nintendo News | Nibris Teaser Websites, ROTR Renamed?

By Adam Riley 20.08.2007 7

Keeping with this evening's Nibris theme, three small teaser 'shell' websites have been launched by the company ahead of its presence at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig. Below are the three links:

What you may notice from the ROTR website is that the acronym now appears to have changed from 'Raid Over the River' to 'Response Operation Tactics and Rescue Unit'. Could this be the final name? Also, the team is currently in Leipzig, complete with these T-Shirts to promote the DS shooter (previewed here) [ Click to Enlarge ]:

Finally, whilst a trailer for Sadness on Wii will not apparently be on show there, the game will be seen briefly in some form.

Stick around for further updates...

Box art for ROTR: Raid Over The River








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I want one of those stylish shirts, please!

Not bad a full name. Why not...
Sadness in some moving form? that would be great!
But, hey, I still look forward to 'The Witcher', too. I am a fan of ambitious projects from promising neigbouring countries...

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

I like Raid Over the River much better. It was almost poetic in a sense. "Response Operation Tactics and Rescue Unit" seems rather lifeless. Plus, wouldn't "ROTRU" make more sense? I guess the could call it the ROTR Unit, but that should be the title, instead of just letters.

Btw, they should update their site. It's still called Raid Over the River and is supposed to have come out in 2006 Smilie

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Nice merchandising, thanks for posting these so soon I thought it would be during Leipzig that you would get the go ahead. OMG The Witcher Laurelin is amazing!, I have seen some very cool brief footage on another site that made me wow all over.{LS]

I'm still pretty much only excited for Sadness. Everything else looks okay, but the concept of Sadness interests me more than the others.

I've seen the script for the whole Sadness intro and it's impressive. Can't wait to see 'footage'!

LS, I'm actually getting myself one of those T-Shirts Smilie A small thing, sure, but still a nice gift from Nibris.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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"Raid Over The River" was charming because at least they were basically admitting they were remaking River Raid. I wonder if Activision leaned on them....

Response Operation Tactics and Rescue Unit... what the hell. Sounds cliched, I definitely liked Raid over the River better.

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