Nintendo Wii News | Three More Added to US Virtual Console Today

By Adam Riley 27.08.2007 4

Quick News - Konami's 1992 NES shooter, 'Super C' (also known as Probotector II) has now landed on the Virtual Console in the US today for 500 Points, along with Capcom duo RPG 'Breath of Fire II' on SNES and Ghouls 'N Ghosts from the Mega Drive, for 800 Points each.

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Great news but the idiots will give us robots here again, I dont want to think about it.Smilie{LS]

When is that DS game due?, if you know. I would have thought it would be out soon. 1up had a full version of the game I believe.

( Edited on 23.08.2007 17:29 by Linkyshinks R.I.P (Goodbye) )

Hmmmm, sounds a bit familiar. Probably not gonna get it, though. Smilie

I've never played the MD version of GnG...wonder if it's as good as SGnG on the SNES?

Also, interesting that BoF hasn't been released yet, instead plumping for BoFII first.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

Im not a fan of RPGs but I tried out Breath of fire 2 after a friend recommemded it, and now BoF 2 is one of my favorite games!

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