Nintendo Sales | Wii Becomes World Leader? Xbox 360 Toppled!

By Adam Riley 24.08.2007 13

Various sources are keeping a close eye on how each of the current generation of home consoles are doing in terms of sales around the world and now it seems there is a new market leader! Check out these rough numbers below for Wii and Xbox 360:


  • Australia - 138,192
  • Europe - 2,870,000
  • Japan - 3,424,139
  • Canada - 313,956
  • North America - 3,615,000
TOTAL: 10,361,287

Xbox 360

  • Australia - 195,056
  • Europe - 3,250,000
  • Japan - 402,381
  • Canada - 403,500
  • North America - 5,950,000
TOTAL: 10,200,937

So not only has Wii now surpassed Microsoft's hardware, which was out a whole year before Wii hit the market, but apparently the same source believes Wii could have hit that majestic 10 million mark before the 360!

Be sure to stick around for more updates...

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lol @ japan 360

I think the bigger number news has to be the one that Joystiq are reporting that Wii beat DS in NPD figures for July.

Now that's impressive.

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Speechless... Now the huge question is can Wii sustain this for the next 2yrs.

The key factors will be great 3rd party support for both the casual and hardcore gamers and the continuous improvement of Nintendo's Wii online capabilities (VC, online play and additional web based projects)

Impressive figures, I think the reality is actually slightly better, it has only been nine months since launch.

Shame it could have been far better if there were not the hardware shortages and those that they are due to have now according to some latest research by a analyst of components markets in Taiwan.{LS]

( Edited on 24.08.2007 07:49 by Linkyshinks [LS] )

Looking good for Nintendo and none of the big 3 are out yet.

It's only because the 360 isn't too popular in Japan. Otherwise it's still beating the Wii in all other regions. When Wii passes 360 in some other regions, that will be more of a reason to say "OMG", because the Wii is loved in Japan, & that's where Microsoft loses out in sales hugely.

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SuperLink said:
Its only because the 360 isnt too popular in Japan. Otherwise its still beating the Wii in all other regions. When Wii passes 360 in some other regions, that will be more of a reason to say OMG, because the Wii is loved in Japan, & thats where Microsoft loses out in sales hugely.

So when the bigwigs are discussing their profits and sales they're going to be like:

I doubt itSmilie

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ya well these are GAF numbers on next gen wars ( )their reporting that the x-box is just over 11 mil while the wii is just over 10 mil obviously these are only estimates so we will have to wait till official annoucements are made on sale figures

While its true that the Wii has used another region over the 360 to beat it to 10 million and overtake it, that's hardly Nintendo's problem. I also think this supposed "advantage" is pretty much neutralized by the fact that the 360 was out in all regions nearly a year before the Wii. It had plenty of time to try to get a foothold in Japan, and it had plenty of time in other regions to amass quite a lead. Yet the Wii still stands on top within ten months of release. In my mind, regardless of the 360's utter lack of dominance in Japan, that's still a mighty impressive feat.

Furthermore, its not like the Wii has relied exclusively on Japan to 1up the 360. In fact, I believe the Wii sells more a month in the USA than in Japan, and considering it sells 2-3 times as much as the 360 regularly in the US, it won't be long before its the overall sales leader in that region as well. It's only a matter of time. Halo 3 might mess with that though. It is going to be a humongous system seller in the FPS market that is the USA, so we'll see what happens there.

Exactly. It doesn't matter where Wii sold and where it did not and with X360 vice versa. They looked at the world, not 'but you only put Japan in to hurt us, bohoo! (said Microsoft)'. Wii isn't even out in a lot of key markets like ... South America, some Asian countries and so on. There's a far bigger market for 'cheap consoles', since there's a lot less money per customer there. And when it gets released there, a lot of people will favourise Wii over X360 there, I think.

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

While this is great, let's just hope if Nintendo can get some great game to keep them on top

Well, the 360 has offically lost, it has been out the longest, and because of that the sales will continue to go down, where as the wii hasn't even been out for a full year noe, so the wii will continue to go up rapidly especially when it's big hitters come out, like galaxys, brawl, corruption, and of corse guitar hero 3!!! Ok maybe not so much on the last one since it's coming out on all three, but it will still be awesomeSmilieSmilie

The Wii will probably keep going up until the start of 2008, but what then? Nintendo don't have anything big planned for then. Wii Fitness will sell the Wii though. I'm certain that tons of skinny people will buy it because they think they're fat.

Well, there are quite a few games coming soon that will "sell the Wii". Mario & Sonic, Mario Galaxy, SSBB, Metroid Prime 3, & Wii Fitness. It's looking good for Wii in the next few months, for sure.

Still, I'm still worried about Nintendo's attitude to proper games, I hope we see more soon, otherwise Wii could fall back thanks to Ubizoft & ztuff.

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