Nintendo Media | NBA Live 08 Wii Controls Tutorial

By Adam Riley 25.08.2007 6

Electronic Arts' NBA Live 08 for Nintendo's Wii is due out in October and the developer has now revealed a tutorial video to show off the Wii's control mechanic.

Stay tuned for more updates...

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Looks like it'll work well, but no movement to bounce the ball?Smilie Oh well.

Looks good.

Wow. Look at the graphics. Great!
I do not like EA, but they pull it off here. And they combine Wii with gangsta-style. You know what? When watching this tutorial Wii is as kewl as x360, mind you!

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

It looks great, they have not done too much with the controls but what they have done looks like it will work well.{LS]

Reminds me how I did enjoy NBA on the Cube. Looks quite impressive.

The players look better than I expectedSmilie I would like to see some wii controls for crossovers and more ball movement.

( Edited on 28.08.2007 02:31 by J Tangle )

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