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By Jorge Ba-oh 27.08.2007 9

Square Enix have released a batch of tantalising screens from the upcoming Final Fantasy IV port for DS, taking the classic title into all new 3D realms.

Thanks to NeoGAF's king zell for the tip. Be sure to stick with C3 for updates...

Box art for Final Fantasy IV



Square Enix


Turn Based RPG



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The black knight looks cute. (Sorry, I do not know anything about FF IV)

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

The extra dungeon from the GBA remake has been ditched this time round because the more of the prototype FFIV game is to be incorporated since only 1/4 of the script was actually used in the original SNES game...

This looks fantastic, btw, and definitely on my list of Day 1 purchases.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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The graphics are beautiful.Smilie

Looks great!

Laurelin said:
The black knight looks cute. (Sorry, I do not know anything about FF IV)

Yes, he is dreamySmilie

I have IV on the GBA and this is definitely on my preorder list when it shows up on I just pre-ordered Final Fantantasy Tactics: Lions War (or whatever it is called). Loving the Final Fantasy DS loveSmilie

Temporarily banned until further notice.

Oh lord that looks bloody magnificent and thank god! No bloody blue menus! I've ALWAYS hated the style of those early FF menus. I know it's nit-picking but I can't help but bitch about it.

Looks great, but they'd better make more use of the DS's features this time 'round.

Darkspine S said:
Looks great, but theyd better make more use of the DSs features this time round.
As a matter of fact it's using less. I think it might include some touch screen mini-games, but touch controlled menus are all gone. As is Moogle Mail. Touch analogue is still in there though.

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Guest 28.08.2007#9

The cave of mist! I want to hear the music...used to be my favourite piece in FFIV.

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