Industry News | Nintendo UK Set to Burn the Cake?

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.08.2007 2

Nintendo UK has announced a review of its relationship with PR agency, Cake Media, with the UK arm considering switching to another group as a possibility for the future of public relations.

According to leading industry magazine MCV, Nintendo UK may switch to another agency despite a solid supply of Cake for the past eight years. Favourite to promote Nintendo's future products is The Red Consultancy, however the company is refusing to reveal any additional details on the potential candidates.

"Nintendo UK is undertaking a formal review of its UK PR function. Nintendo is already in discussions with an undisclosed number of agencies, including eight-year incumbent Cake, and is not looking to speak to any other agencies other than those it is already in talks with. The European PR remit also handled by Cake is not affected. We hope to make an announcement following the review by mid September."

Be sure to stick around for more tasty updates...

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Interesting stuff. Red did Microsoft for a while, decent company as well.

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

Well it sounds like they are making the right decision according to the Wii ads that were proposed by them before the Wii hit, good ridance to their 8 years of crap I say. They have done F all for Nintendo ultimately. I hope they get Saatchi and Saatchi, the Wii would really be the coolest console out there if they managed that.{LS]

( Edited on 30.08.2007 21:53 by Linkyshinks [LS] )

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