Nintendo News | Broken Strings For Wii Guitar Hero Online?

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.08.2007 5

Quick News: Online support for Guitar Hero Wii could miss the beat, according to Kotaku. Developer RedOctane's Bryan Lam recently noted that "at the moment we're unable to confirm the status of the online multi-player", the same applying to downloadable content. The company are however "working closely with Nintendo for an online solution".

Be sure to stick with C3 for updates...

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Oh, no... This doesn't sound good.
Nintendo and RedOctane better pull this off, or I will be extremely pissed off. I already pre-ordered the Wii version, so it better live up to every other version of the game!

I'd be interested in seeing how they worked online for this, so hopefully they can fix it up. The Wii is in dire need of some online games at the moment.

Ut-oh... I was looking forward to this game as well... Guitar hero is meant to be fun, and the online multi-player and WC24 was going to make this a must have IMHO.

*fingers crossed*

I've been on RADIO ONE! | I'm on ONM.

To hell with it, if it does not have online it's not GH3!

If this does not get rectified I will be more than happy just to get Rock Band on the 360, this is due to the lameness of Nintendo not being able to sort out a online system to cater for such games. It should be so easy for developers to do this but Nintendo make things too difficult.{LS]

Meh, Until I have a constant Internet connection, I don't care. Smilie


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