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By Jorge Ba-oh 19.09.2007 10

Nintendo of Europe have officially confirmed a recent error that occurs in some versions of Super Paper Mario and how to get around it.

At the start of Chapter 2-2, you will come across a character called Mimi. She will tell you to go to the farthest room on the first floor to meet a character called Merlee. Enter that room and press the green switch. A trap will be triggered, and a spiked ceiling will descend upon Mario. Before the ceiling reaches him, flip into 3D and jump on it to find a key.

If you pick up the key, you won't run into any problems. Use it to open the locked door to Mimi's right. However, if you talk to Mimi without picking up the key, the game will freeze. You will then have to turn off your Wii console and start again from your last save point.

Please note that your game freezing up will not do any damage to your Wii or the game itself, but we do sincerely apologise for this error and the inconvenience caused to your gameplay experience.

Nintendo will soon announce a way for players to replace their disks if they need an error free version.

Thanks to Linkyshinks for the tip.

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If you ask me, it's not something huge that I'd bother replacing my disc over... I mean it'd be like a week, or not having the game. Thankfully I skipped over the glitch completely unknowingly, I'll have to warn my brother too when he plays it.

On the other hand my copy of Sonic Rush Adventure has crashed twice in the 3 days I've had it (both crashes were on the first day ^^Smilie

( Edited on 19.09.2007 12:59 by SuperLink )

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Can't they patch it?

They could couldn't they! Smilie

Well, we'll see what they do, but knowing Nintendo it'll be the most prehistoric method possible.

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

iCAME said:
Cant they patch it?

Just what I was going to say. It would be much easier for us and cheaper for Nintendo.

Is there any way of sending suggestions to Nintendo? I bet they'd do it if a whole bunch of us suggested it... or they should do, it makes so much sense.

If it was a patch then I'd get it, if I had to send it off I wouldn't get it.

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

How big is the file for Paper Mario? If the only data installed onto the Wii is the save files, then patching it might be a bit harder as it has alter the code. thats what happened. My game froze when I was at this point...I'd just saved, so I just restarted and tried again, must've unwittingly done it the 'none-freezing' way second time. Smilie
Quite relieved its just an error with the game, I thought my Wii might be faulty again. >.<

I bought the game 3 hours ago ago and just finished the first Chapter so will try to make sure I avoid the error.

( Edited on 19.09.2007 15:54 by Umbreon Um Um )

Smilie are they going to fix the game?

Curious. I was completely unaware of this error when I played through that chapter. Does this error only pertain to PAL versions, or does the U.S. NTSC version have this problem as well?

Still, it's an absolutely superb game. lol Smilie

Kind of reminds me of the one fatal bug in Rebel Strike's Rogue Leader co-op mode. On the mission 'Vengeance on Kothlis', if you play through it and fail or get a game over and then retry, as soon as you topple the three AT-ATs the game locks up. I have yet to find a way around this nasty little bug Factor 5 & LucasArts let slip through (other than beating it the first time 'round lol).

Ah, apparently this bug is only found when playing it in UK English, German & Spanish. So I'm assuming it's only with PAL versions (logically). Hmmmm...

( Edited on 19.09.2007 17:29 by MechaG2 )

Chance favors the prepared mind.

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